Silver coast hospital

The Silver coast hospital is located a few kilometers outside Danholds walls, giving weight to the hospital's purpose by not being locked behind the city's walls.   In the last few centuries the hospital has seen an increase in adventurers who want to explore the interior of Elval island and the surrounding islands.   The adventurers who come to Elval Island are also the main income of the hospital. While the locals can come to the hospital and get treatment for either free or for a very low price, the adventurers pay full price for the services that the hospital can provide. The income from this has given the hospital the ability to provide the best medical service in the entire southern part of the empire with only the medical knowledge of Pearlhal┬ábeing able to rival that of Silver coast hospital.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the Silver coast hospital is to help give those of Danhold and its surroundings that themself could not pay for a treatment a chance to be cured of their sickness or injury.


Over the centuries the Silver coast hospital has seen a number of alterations, most of them has been to accommodate more sick and injured.


The building itself is made out of local stone collected from the surrounding fields and covered in a layer of white chalk. The buildings roofs are made out of two colours of tegl, one is more red than the other one and is the only real sign, from the outside of the expansions the building itself have seen over time.


The Silver coast hospital is one of the many projects that the The Ruxmer Dynasty started when they where given control of Elval island where Danhold is located.
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