The Ruxmer Dynasty

The Ruxmer dynasty is an ancient elven family that have been lords over the large island south of the Dercian mainland, Elval island for ages. Their crest is 4 conjoined dragon heads, the heads are a symbol of the 4 members of the dynasty that where present at the battle where they would take their name and be given their title.    Very few dynasty names have the renown and poetic treatment as the Ruxmers, given how long they have been around there have been written, sung and forgotten a numerous amount of songs and poems about them.   The name Ruxmer was given to them after a battle along a ancient river that have long since dried up, not long after the battle they where given a small castle looking over the small village Danhold. The dynasty would slowly but steady begin to climb the ranks of nobility and would at the same time turn Danhold into a center for knowledge where the family would begin to build schools, along with this they would also turn the village into a center for trade in the Emerald archipelago.    The family would after a few hundred years be granted the full control over the Elval island, just in time for the entire ancient empire to fall into chaos but thanks to their relativ isolated place on the island they where able to maintain order in their now independent realm.  The family would continue their work on the island and in Danhold, one member of the family, Rowan Ruxmer would invent a new type of plow for farming and it would turn out to be so succesful that it would be exportet to the mainland.    After around 200 years after the fall of the ancient empire, they would form an alliance with the Kingdom of Dercia lead by the House of Astalles who where emerging as a powerhouse on the mainland, and this would lead to a long and prosper alliance where the Ruxmer would share their knowledge of shipbuilding and Astalles would provide them with their elite heavy troops.    In the last few hundred years the family would gain enough prestige, not that they needed much, so that when the daughter of the leader of the family was asked if she wanted to marry the emperor, none of the other noble houses said anything about this tightening of the Astalles-Ruxmer alliance.    Many of the more unknown members of the dynasty enjoys positions in the centers of education around the Dercian empire.

Hope, homeland, honor.

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