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The title of Húskarl carries a unique significance, bestowed by legion commanders to former legionaries who have transitioned out of their service in the legions. These former soldiers, having proven themselves as exceptional fighters during their time in the military, have become restless and looking for a job that offers more entertainment than the life of a citizen but also provides a certain amount of stability. They will then seek to become Húskarls.   While technically available for hire by anyone who can afford their services, governors primarily recognize their value and seek to bolster their personal retinues with these former legionaries. And while its typically legionaries that become Húskarls, there is also a sub-branch that consists of members of the Imperial Navy, and these are popular among merchant companies as protection against pirates and such.


The qualifications of a Húskarl depend on who is hiring them, but it's common for former legionaries to become Húskarls in the service of some lord.


During the battle, the Húskarls who were not tasked with protecting would be placed among the auxiliaries and while they didn't have the same ability to boost the morale as Imperial Guards or soldiers from the 9th Legion the Húskarls were still able to boost the morale as they typically would be some of the most experienced soldiers in the ranks.


During the conflict, the Húskarls would act as the bodyguards of the Governor if this one partook in the battle as commander. In peacetime, the Húskarls would have administrative duties acting as the governor's representatives, like collecting taxes or watching trials, ensuring they go according to the law.


Húskarls in service of a governor could receive a small estate and some land.

Cultural Significance

The Húskarls stand as a testament to the legacy of those who served in the legions and seek a way to contribute to society, whether on the battlefield or protecting Imperial governors.   Outsiders from other nations will say that Húskarls are the result of the militarization that has taken place in the Empire of Dercia as even after having finished military service, people still seek a way to keep a sword in hand.
Nobility, Military
Form of Address
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