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House of Glicia-Hadrianus

As one of the oldest families in the Empire of Dercia, being able to trace its linage back to the first times of the Crienia.   The House of Glicia-Hadrianus has served in the senate since its founding during the founding of the Dercian Republic, over the centuries, they have become known for their political acumen as well as ambition. Due to being such an old family, they have accumulated considerable influence in the Senate even during the decline of the power of the Senate.   To the outside, the family seems to be working for the greater good of the empire, arguing for a greater amount of free grain to the poor in the cities, and they will often support the suggestions that Crown Princess Ira brings forth. To the insiders, the family are skillfully navigating the balance of power in the empire, leveraging their influence to create alliances and sway other nobles in their direction for their benefit.   Although the family primarily works in the shadows, their actions have drawn the attention of other factions in the empire, some just because they also want the prestige of the Glicia-Hadrianus family. In contrast, other factions are growing suspicious that the Glicia-Hadrianus are scheming in the dark and working to uncover the secrets.  


The house of Glicia-Hadrianus can trace its beginning to the early times of the Crienia , and when Pearlhal began to grow, the family gained a place at the inner circle of the kings and served them until the last king. Not much is known about their history during the shortlived Dercian Republic , but when the Kingdom of Dercia were reestablished, they gained what many nobles have come to see as a black mark on their families honour, they were the only family to vote against the The Astalles and their ascension to the throne and ever since then the two families have been at odds with each other.
  During the First unification war, the Glicia part of the families almost died out due to a disastrous defeat of the army of Pearlhal. It was only saved by a political marriage with the Hadrianus family.
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It's said that there are a collaboration between the House of Glicia-Hadrianus and Prince Osril.

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