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Nacaeus is a barony in the Valeius province. The name of the barony is believed to be derived from the name of an elvish tribe that used to live in the area but has since either died out or been absorbed into other tribes. Still, the name stuck, and the centrally located small hamlet of Nicia became the seat of the chieftain of Nacaeus who became politically unified under a warlord whose name has been forgotten to time, during this time Nacaeus had almost reached its current size. Over the following centuries, they would be granted land and later have it taken back again following the different rulers and their alliances. Around 532 B.I.C , the chiefdom was annexed by an emerging kingdom along the coast of the inland sea, the chief of Nacaeus was granted the title of baron, and the barony would reach its current size with the last pieces of land being gifted as part of the wedding gift when the new barons' daughter was married to the youngest son of the king. The new baron also took a family name, Marcellus, to better integrate into the new kingdom and their culture. When this line died out some centuries later, it was granted to the Mantua-Dici family, who ruled it until the last family member died out in 1285 I.C.   Currently, the barony has no crest or motto, as the old ones died with the previous baron and the new ones have yet to create new.


Nacaeus is ruled by the baron from Nicia , but minor lords make the day-to-day rule in the countryside.


The culture of Nacaeus is based around farming, but it is believed that farming should not harm nature to a point where a natural balance is broken. Due to the fertile soil of Nacaeus, this balance has been maintained for millennia.   The urban culture of the barony is also based around small communities, so Nicia, with its 2500 inhabitants, are the biggest settlement in the barony, with the other towns preferring a smaller size and being more spread out.

Demography and Population

Humans and other humanoid races live in the urban centres, while most of the elven population will live in the vast forests that fill most of the northern part of the barony.


Nacaeus can field three cohorts if called upon, and in peacetime, these serve as the policing force of the barony.


While the barony has temples where all of the Starlighters Pantheons gods can be worshipped, due to its nature as a mostly agricultural land, the goddess of nature, Gigia , is the most worshipped deity in the barony.

Agriculture & Industry

Vegetables and fruit are grown here, and cattle, pigs, and poultry are raised south of Nicia.   The agriculture of Nacaeus is like in most of the empire, based on the Hian system, where the landlord will provide capital and take care of the upfront expenses, sharing the harvest with the farmer, who supplies the labour.   In recent years, places outside of Nacaeus have begun to open their eyes to the wine the barony can produce.
Founding Date
532 B.I.C
Geopolitical, Barony
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Ruling Organization
Leader Title
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
The barony uses imperial currency, but this is mostly the case when trading large goods or with outsiders. Between the citizens themself, it's more common to barter and trade goods with each other.
Major Exports
The baronies' main export is corn and flower. Although there is a growing wine trade.
Major Imports
When it comes to food and such, the barony is self-sufficient, so the main imports will be the finer goods, things that cant be produced in the barony, such as spices.
Legislative Body
The laws of the barony come from the imperial capital. Although a few laws are only followed in the barony, these are not written down and are something the citizens learn over time.
Judicial Body
If it's a minor case, the local authority will take care of it, but if they believe it to be a more severe matter, the case will be brought before the baron or a representative.
Executive Body
As Nacaeus don't have any legions stationed on its soil, the responsibility of enforcing the law and keeping the roads and towns safe comes down to the local cohorts of auxiliary forces that the regular legions will call upon if needed. Still, in peacetime, they perform the role of a policing force.
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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