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It is believed that Gigia is one of the oldest deities of the entire pantheon. There is evidence behind these claims in as much as some of the oldest temples dedicated to any deities in the pantheon, the oldest all belong to Gigia.  

Apparel & Accessories

When in her humanoid shape, she would wear clothing in natural colours, with her hair flowing freely down her back. If not in her humanoid shape, it's said by her believers that she would manifest as a whispering voice carried on the wind or echo through the forest and that the faithful could hear and or see her in this shape and form.   If Gigia had to fight, she would use her longbow, which could grow arrows from the bow.


The worshippers of Gigia tend to be people who live in nature, such as elves or remote human settlements. Still, many farmers would also worship her and pray that the next harvest would be plentiful or that their animals would be healthy and many.   Folk would pray to her when their children got lost in the forest so that she might protect and guide them back. Woodcutters and villagers who ventured into the forest left simple shrines to her in thanks for their safety and the wood they'd taken, and these shrines would mark the limits for future hunting and logging trips.


The clergy of Gigia would wear long ropes, usually in the same colours as the goddess would be wearing.


The temples of Gigia tend to be grand old buildings; most of the time, they are the oldest buildings in their respective urban centres. These temples are also usually covered in plants and nature, which helps to add to the grand old feeling the buildings give one.

Holy Books & Codes

Unlike the other deities, the followers of Gigia don't have a holy book but will just go with the flow and where the nature of the speech carries them.    

Tenets of Faith

Fight against the plunder of the forest banish disease when found plant new trees when possible protect the Dryads Don't kill unless you have to. Hunt goblins if signs are found.  

The personality of a goddess

Gigia is rather cheerful and will smile easily; she will never doubt herself once she has made a choice on a matter. While mortals sometimes see her in her humanoid form, they mainly only feel her presence in the shape of a warm wind or a similar sign. It could sometimes be rather hard to obtain the blessing and attention of Gigia.

Divine Domains

Gigia is the goddess of nature.


After the first rain has fallen and the rain season begins, the worshippers will celebrate in honour of Gigia. Unlike other deities, the festival in honour of Gigia is not on the same day every year or even take place at the same time during that year, as the festival will begin a week after the first rain in the area, so the day Gigia is celebrated can vary depending on where you are in Mirateia.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The goal of Gigia is to maintain the balance of nature and civilisation.
Divine Classification
Neutral good
Blue & Green, long
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
3 meters


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