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Nicia is the capital of the province of Nacaeus . It has been the seat of power for the province for many generations and has been it since the noble family that ruled the province before dying out moved the capital to Nicia due to its more fertile soil and better protection.


The northern part of the Valeius province is one of the regions in the empire where a lot of the elvish population live, and in Nicia and its surrounding province, they along with the human population make up to around 60% of the population.


The governor rules Nicia, but the town's elder makes the day-to-day ruling, and the governor is only asked if the case is too complicated; then, the elder will ask the governor to provide a verdict.


Nicia itself does not have any meaningful defences other than the city watch. The main defensive structure of the city can be found in the governor's manor, which is constructed as a mixture between a castle and a palace.  
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Industry & Trade

Nicia is mainly a city with a focus on farming. However, it does have a good market with merchants coming in from many parts of the empire due to the city's location as one of the first settlements people reach when travelling from north to south.


The streets of Nicia are paved with large slabs of stone, which is unusual for a town this size. A previous governor wanted to make the movement of the citizens and the merchants easier, but it was also done to keep disease and dirt to a minimum in the city.


Most buildings are constructed out of stone collected from local fields and the local stone quarry, with wooden beams placed at intervals to strengthen the walls. The buildings belonging to the small uppercase that are present in the town are constructed out of finer stone such as limestone, and the governors's manor is also constructed of this limestone.


The city is in an open field with a forested hill overlooking the city to the northeast.
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