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legionnaire Azran Flintsword

Azran grew up in the small village of Buan in the southern part of Dercia where his family had a blacksmith, that he would help in after school, not that he ever wanted to become a blacksmith and take over the family business so when Azran got old enough he signed up for the legions. He spends the first 2 years of his time in the local legion until he got assigned to the 9th legion and that gave him the option to spend time when having time off in Pearlhal this is also where he would run into a girl that called her self Ria, Azran and Ria would run into each other a few more times before Azran was assigned to the Imperial Guard where he would only get to serve around a week and a half before his world, would be changed forever. After having saved Ira from falling out of her cart, and he recognized that the girl he had known as Ria was actually the Crown Princess Ira.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Given the almost ridiculous amount of training he has been through the last 4 years, he is arguably in the best shape and fitness he can be.

Body Features

He has a rather muscular body.

Identifying Characteristics

He has laughter that is easy recognizing.

Apparel & Accessories

When off duty, Azran likes to wear a loose black shirt with some matching pants.   When on duty he of course wears the Imperial Guards uniform and armour.

Mental characteristics


Azran has received a basic education in the local school, later when he joined the legions he began to collect knowledge and information so that he, later on, could advance in ranks.


When he was not studying in school he would be helping his family in their blacksmith when he got old enough to join the legions as a Legionnaire he would serve 2 years as a legionary where after a successful campaign against a warlord he then got transferred to the 9th Legion where he served for around 2 more years whereafter he got selected for the Imperial Guard.

Accomplishments & Achievements

During his time in the legions, Azran was part of many missions and during one of those missions where they had to raid a warlord's camp, the officer in charge got taken out of the fight early by an arrow. Azran thinking fast took control over the unit and lead the men to victory.   Is one of the youngest to ever be selected for the Imperial Guard.

Failures & Embarrassments

He has experienced quite a few embarrassments when it comes to talking to girls, especially those he finds attractive.

Personality Characteristics


Ever since he was little Azran has had a desire to join the legions of the empire and that way make a name for himself, later on, when he had joined the Imperial Guard his priority became to serve and protect the royal family.

Likes & Dislikes

  • Learning new things
  • Training
  • Good ale
  • Sleeping in nature
  • Ira
  • Being up early
  • ┬ástanding guard at long meetings

Virtues & Personality perks

A fiercely loyal friend, and a man of good humor


Contacts & Relations

When off duty Azran would either spend the time training, studying or spending his time walking around Pearlhal and getting to know people.

Family Ties

Father: laco   Mother: Lessa   Little sister: Eza

Religious Views

Normally not the most religious person but when the need is there he will send a prayer to The Red Knight and/or Selune

Social Aptitude

Still having the charisma of a boy from the province, Azran is well-liked among the people around him. The only person who had the ability to make Azran speechless was Ira.


Generally speaks with a gentle voice.



friend (Important)

Towards Crown Princess Ira



Crown Princess Ira

friend (Vital)

Towards Azran




Ira met Azran in the Kingsway Inn and when the bar fight broke out she came to sit at his table, he had a table that was not affected by the fight, they talked and she became interessted in Azran and every time after that she would try and find him every time she went to town.

Nicknames & Petnames

Calls Azran for "dumb human" when he teases her.

Relationship Reasoning

Ira is extremely fond of Azran, she feels like he is one of if not the only one who treats her as a normal being and not the heir to the empire of Derica.

Wealth & Financial state

Coming from a small village blacksmith, Azran has never had much when it comes to money. It was only when he joined the legions that he began to have a decent income.
Neutral good
Date of Birth
Year of Birth
1261 IC 24 Years old
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
Hello there   oh, here we go again
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
understands common and elvish
Ruled Locations

Cover image: Azran by Guillaume ROBERT


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