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Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard was officially formed back in 1032 under the name Crowns Guard, then whenever the royal family had travelled to places outside of Pearlhal either a section of the palace guard or one of the local legions had to escort the family around the country. In 1126 the Guard got its current name when the kingdom transformed into an empire, and around the same time, the guard started to recruit members from the 9th Legion the guard served the royal family with a sense of duty and dedication that only a loyal elite military force can do.


  • Commander
  • Drapier
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  • Sergeant


The Loyalty of the Imperial Guard is famous among Dercian writers and even some outside of Dercia who have experienced the fierce loyalty the guard has for the royal family. the guard regards the loyalty to the royal family as tradition and a sacred trust, they will never give the slightest hint of betrayal and so far there has never been a betrayal from within the Guard.   The Imperial Guard also believes that members of the Guard should stay anonymous, so members are not allowed to tell any that they are in the Guard while they serve, not even family, it is only when they retire that they are allowed to tell.   Public opinion:   the civilian population sees the guard as their best defense against the Principality of Clifia and places such huge honour on the guard that guard members can get a free stay in taverns and a free meal when traveling around either retired or off duty.   Guards opinion:   The guard believes that the greatest honour one can have is to serve the royal family as their bodyguard, the guard also greatly values the trust that the civilian population puts in them and places a large effort into keeping a good relationship with them, members of the guard will often serve as a sort of neighborhood watch in the areas of Pearlhal where the city watch have a weak presence.

Public Agenda

The duties of the Imperial Guard are similar to that of other units that protect other rulers in Mirateia, the Imperial Guard serves as the personal bodyguard of the Emperor, they will swear an oath of loyalty to the Emperor. The Guard also functions as an elite unit in war but is only deployed when the fighting is most fierce, but so far the guard has not been deployed as a unit, yet given that every member of the guard has several years of service in the 9th Legion all of them, have seen combat.


The Guard does operate the only military building in Pearlhal, the Imperial Guard barracks located just next to the imperial palace.


During the many wars with the Principality of Clifia many legions gained fame and glory to both them and the Empire but only a few gained legendary status like the 9th legion who came to the rescue of the emperors legion after it came under ambush by a Clifian army many times their size, the 9th Legion managed to get to the area where the emperor was under siege after having marched the entire night and when daylight came, the legion attacked and managed to drive a wedge into the enemy army so that the survivors and the emperor could escape, many legionnaires died during the rescue, but as a thank, the emperor made the 9th his personal legion and all bodyguards of the "Imperial Guard" would from that on be selected from this legion.


The Imperial Guard has around 2000 active members

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