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The Order of the Silver Dragon

The Order of the Silver Dragon is a religious order that can be found in the Empire of Dercia   The order was founded back during the closing years of the Ancient Empire. During one of the major revolts that were going on at the time, the rebels had made an alliance with some dragons. the founding members of the order made an alliance with a clan of silver dragons, during the many battles the newly formed order fought an admiration of the silver dragon Zaigyn began to form and over time the members of the order began to perform small prayers and rituals dedicated to Zaigyn   When the calamity began to calm down, the silver dragons disappeared shortly after and no one knows where or why, but over the centuries the stories, rituals and prayers of Zaigyn began to form the basis for the orders belief system that was beginning to be organized into a more organized holy order, this was finished in the year 485.


The Order of the Silver Dragon operates with several ranks in its structure. the 3 main ones are:   Grand Marshal: highest rank in the orders military and doubles as the rank given to the leader of the order.   Knight Commander: the rank given to the regional commander of the order.   Sergeant Major: The sergeant-major of a unit is responsible to the Knight Commander for advising them.


The order operates several castles around the Empire of Dercia.


The order, while maintaining a presence in the more populated areas of the empire,┬áhad most of its land located in the more remote areas of the empire like the interior or the northern regions.   Some of the territory has been gifted from the crown but the majority is donated by nobles who have joined the order or were followers of their belief and didn't have any heirs


During peacetime the order have an armed force of a 1000 riders, enough to maintain order in their territory.   In the case of war the order can muster a force of up to 8000 riders.


The Order of the Silver Dragon worships the Silver Dragon Zaigyn.

Granted Divine Powers

Certain members of the order if deemed worthy is granted the ability to cast ice themed spells.

By the light of the dragon, we bring peace.

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Religious, Holy Order
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