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The dragon myth

Despite being the largest religious order not related to any of the gods from the Starlighters Pantheon and is known as an order that worships dragons in general and the silver dragon Zaigyn, in particular, there is one myth surrounding The Order of the Silver Dragon have not been able to fully suppress.   The myth ended up creating a divide in the population surrounding the territory belonging to the order, on one side there is the order actively trying to suppress the spread of the myth and on the other side there are those that believe in the myth and are actively trying to destroy the order and it has multiple times come to confrontations between the order and the believers of the myth.


Following the attack on the small village of Mapmoorde that would be known as Dragon´s Harvest among the population in the area there soon rose some rumours that the feathered dragon that had attacked the village was under the control of The Order of the Silver Dragon and had been sent to attack the village by the order as a mean to stir up panic which in turn would make it possible for the order to bring the area under its influence.  

Suppressing the myth

The order once it heard of the myth would try and suppress the myth because if the myth were to spread without the order fighting it, there was the chance that the story would reach the ears of the crown and if the story sounded possible enough for the crown and enough people demanded action following the attack on the village, then there was the chance that the crown would demand either the demilitarisation of the order or even demanding that the order were to be dispensed.

Historical Basis

The myth is a result of the attack on Mapmoorde village and in an attempt to understand why a dragon would attack a village unprovoked, a thing that had never been recorded before.


The myth is widespread but is by most of the population treated as just a myth, most people don't believe that an order that has no history of attacking civilians would only leave their territory when called upon by the crown.

Variations & Mutation

One variation of the myth that sometimes surfaces is that the feathered dragon is a result of the order doing illegal experiments with magic.
Date of First Recording
Unknown but some time between 600-700
Date of Setting
Related Organizations

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