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House Cornwallis

The house of Cornwallis has its centre of power in the city of Pashire.   Many don't get the loyalty the house seems to have towards Pearlhal and The Astalles dynasty especially since it was Cyna Astalles that lead the forces from Pealhal and conquered their home in the final battle of the Second unification war which finally concluded the 778-year long conflict of unification. The family explains that loyalty and pride in the family have always been important. With the arrival of the Astalles, the Astalles proved they were stronger by besting them on a battlefield where the Cornwallis had the home advantage. Hence, the loyalty shifted to serving the Astalles, but they still kept their pride.   After the war, the family's possessions were confiscated by the Dercians, but once law and order had been brought to the area, the majority of it was given back again; the only things that the Dercians kept control over were forts and towns located in strategic positions.


The Cornwallis can trace their lineage to before the Ancient Empire arrived in Dercia. However, most of the earlier known history of the house is still shrouded in mystery as many documents are half destroyed or lost to time.   Because of their remoteness from the centre of the empire, the house is mostly allowed to operate with minimal oversight. Their province is still ruled by a governor elected by the Imperial senate and approved by the emperor, and the leader of the house, the duke of the province, is still answering to the governor.

Loyalty and Pride

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House Timberborne is located in a remote region of the empire but remains loyal to the empire.



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