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City Guard

The City guard located in the imperial capital of the Empire of Dercia Pearlhal is compromised of a mixture of veteran soldiers from the legions and recruits that have been recruited from the city itself. Still, all of them are dedicated to maintaining law and order within the city limits, patrolling the streets, monitoring the gates to the city, and overseeing the safety of the inhabitants of Pearlhal.   The attire of the city guard is straightforward compared to that of the legions, it consists of an inner layer of a red tunic that has been reinforced with some padding at places such as the shoulders, over this tunic comes the chainmail, for armament, the city guard is equipped with weapons similar to that of the legions, with the guards having a sword, although the guards' version is the shorter version of the one the legions are equipped with, for the guards, the sword is the secondary weapon with the spear being the primary.   The guard operates from barracks that are spread out throughout the city, with each district having at least one barracks but some having two, this is a historical element that no one has ever got around to changing, each of these barracks contains a kitchen big enough to feed all those stationed there, a courtyard were the guards are trained in anything from combat techniques similar to those of the legions to crowd control. Unlike the legions who are only allowed into the city on special occasions like those celebrating the victory in The war of Western expansion, although with that said, the Imperial Guards who some would classify as a military unit are also allowed into the city but there roles are limited to that of protection of the Imperial city.   The elite of the guards, those that their commanding officers have found to show the best discipline and skills are placed in the section of the guard that is tasked with guarding important landmarks and buildings, this can range from key civilian structures to temples, but a large amount of these elite guards are given the task of guarding the immense Royal Palace of Dercia.   To properly conduct patrols in and around the city, the city guard of Pearlhal is one of the biggest in the entire Empire, consisting of close to 10.000 guards, 3000 of those guards are permanently stationed at the Palace where they help bolster the numbers of the Imperial Guard with the roles being that the city guard patrols the palace making sure the area is secure while the Imperials protect the Imperial family itself.   The city guards in the imperial capital, the guards perform an ancient tradition where any recruits have to pass through a trial known as the "Path of the Golden Gauntlet" No one outside the guard's ranks knows what the trial includes precisely, the only thing that over the years have slipped out is that the test incorporates physical trials, puzzles and moral dilemmas.


The city guard of Pearlhal has a long and distinguished history, staying loyal to the throne during  The Decade of 5 Emperors but one of their most defining moments and likewise also one of their darkest came during the final weeks of The war of Western expansion when the citizens of the city rioted due to the senate rising taxes and announced another round of conscription for the legions, it took the city guard several days to quell the riots and they could have continued had the Imperial Guard not threatened to intervene the riots died down, the riots became known as Darkness of 24th of Fira and led to a rivaly between the city guard and the Imperial Guard.
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