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The war of Western expansion

The war of Western expansion was a war spanning 25 years between The Principality of Clifia and at the time Kingdom of Dercia over the control of the strategic location of both the city Arborses and the access this would give the Principality to the region of Dercia.   In the years leading up to the war, the Principality of Clifia had begun an aggressive foreign politic and had raged war, and won several of them against their neighbouring countries. The only nation left to face was the Kingdom of Dercia who granted was the strongest of the neighbouring countries but Clifia with their long list of victories and veteran army believed that they by striking fast could quickly take Arborses a city known as "The gate to the west" and by doing this force Dercia onto the negotiation table.   Because the war was fought mostly on Dercian soil the Kingdom suffered hard in those 25 years with a large part of the western part of the nation burned and destroyed with hundreds of villages abandoned.

The Conflict


The Principality of Clifia wanted to take control of the garrison town Arborses who had turned into a prosperous town as well, thanks to its placement on the Continental highway and the larger number of soldiers in the city. With control over the city it would also give control over the narrow strait of land between Clifia and Dercia.   It began with some small scale raiding over the border who then began to grow until a full-scale invasion.


After the raids had grown to a full-scale invasion the Principality of Clifia invaded with two armies of 60.000 of their most elite soldiers with the intent to finally break into the west. One army would march towards Arborses with the goal of besieging the city and the other army would be sailded over the bay and go ashore and begin take the wealthy cities to the south.


Each major battlefield of the war is to this day marked with a statue with a plate honouring the fallen on both sides.   It was one of the few things The empire of Dercia and the Principality of Clifia could agree on after the war and the following years.

The Engagement

The most famous battle fought during the war was a battle in the last month of the war in 1125, the battle known as the Battle of the lone Castle where the current queen of Dercia was being besieged by a huge Clifian army and was saved by the 14th Legion and the 9th Legion.


The casualties were devastating for the Clifian army, it lost most of its veteran soldiers and several bands of deserters were running around and causing problems on both sides. for a couple of years after the defeat, the Principality also suffered several rebellions.    Geralt's wall were also build by Dercia as a result of this war.


Effects for Principality of Clifia: Clifia gives up on their goal to expand to the rich and fertile region of Dercia.   Effects for Empire of Dercia: A kingdom becomes an empire with Empress Elenora Astalles  as the first ruler. Further, the death toll and destruction after the war is by some said to have been one of the reasons for the civil war that would start 20 years later.

Historical Significance


The war marked the beginning to probably the bloodiest half a century in dercian history, with more than 3,5 million soldiers dead and an unknown number of civilians that the nation barely managed to get back on its feet from when the The Decade of 5 Emperors hit and launched the nation out into a 10-year long civil war.   magic users also won a place in the frontlines during this war, while before they had been confined to support roles and bombardment but during the war, magic users were placed at strategic places in between the regular soldier's action both as fast healers but also as close-range artillery.

Technological Advancement

the armour of the soldiers became more armoured with more metal covering the bodies and such.   Many of the tactics used by the Dercian military to this day was developed during this war.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Devastating defeat for Principality of Clifia



Empire of Dercia: 350.000   Principality of Clifia: 560.000


Empire of Dercia: 3.553.260   Principality of Clifia: 5.364.760


Take Arborses the gate to the west, take over the westeren shoreline of Dercia.


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