Battle of Sama'la

Remember Dierna, If the Clifian dogs wins today it might be your families, your loved ones that will be the next.
- Legatus Legionis Macania Marconilla.

The Conflict


In the weeks before the battle of Sama'la, a Clifian army had been marching along the southern coast of the Kingdom of Dercia and conquered and burning the towns and cities along the way. A town named Dierna, a town populated by Moon elves. had initially surrendered to the Clifians but the Clifian commander, a person that believed that all elves should be eradicated, ordered his men to burn the town and kill the inhabitants in what would later become known as the massacre of Dierna.


Dercian army:

The Dercian army where lined up in two main lines, with a third line half the size of the two others held in reserve. A large section of the cavalry was stationed on the left side of the army, and the rest were placed on the right side.  

Clifian army:

The Clifians placed their cavalry on the flanks in equal amounts and the infantry was lined up in three lines, with the centre of the first line reinforced with some mercenaries from the Kingdom of Kistals

The Engagement

At the outset of the battle, the Clifian general ordered his first line forward and simultaneously ordered his cavalry to engage their Dercian counterpart. Their archers covered the first line of Clifian troops.   At the same time, the Dercian lines began to move forward. Unlike the Clifians, the Dercan side was completely silent except for the officers barking orders and but the only sound the Clifians could hear was the rhythmic sound of their footsteps.   The commander of the Dercian left flank leads his cavalry into their Clifian counterparts and chases them off the battlefield. Although the Clifian cavalry had orders to lure them away from the battle so they could not attack the Clifan infantry during the chase, they took enough damage that they seized to be an effective unit. After hours of chasing, most of the Dercians returned to the battle.   The first line of the Clifian and Dercian infantry now met, and after some heavy fighting, the Derican line was pushed back, and the second Dercian line now took over to let the first one rest and reorganize.   During the heavy fighting, the second and third lines began to move out on the flanks resulting in a battleline that was several kilometres long. During the fighting, the battle almost stopped when reports of spectators on a ridge to the right of the armies were spotted. Murmurs of who it could be began to run through the lines, anything from reinforcements to bandits or scavengers; even though they didn't know how right they were, some of the Dercians began to say they hoped it was Mara that had come to make sure they won.   The battle was a fierce stalemate for hours until the Derican cavalry returned and were able to attack the Clifians in the rear.
I know why im here, but why are you here?
- Goddess Mara , clad in her battle armour.
That army send a lot of innocents to my realm, they.. they need to be stopped
- Lady of the Dark , Goddess of death.
Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
24th of Selik
Ending Date
24th of Selik
Conflict Result
Dercian victory



35,100 men
• 29,000 infantry
• 6,100 cavalry
40,000 men
• 36,000 infantry
• 4,000 cavalry


Total: 8.017
• 7207 infantry
• 810 cavalry
Total: 13.794
• 11772 infantry
• 2022 cavalry


Revenge for Dierna
Continued advance and eradication of elves from the area.


  • Mirateia

Cover image: by Legis Nuntius


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