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9th Legion

Death is an option, victory is not
The normal legion of the Dercian empire was already a well-trained fighting machine and would make most enemy armies think twice about fighting the empire. The 9th Legion started the same way, but the first commanders began to train the legion more than what was required and developed new tactics, over time developed into a legion that was considered the elite of the elite and this would play out to their advantage later on in history.   Later on, the Emperor would make the legion his personal legion and members of the Imperial Guard would be selected from the 9th Legion.



The legion was roughly composed of 4,200 infantry and 300 cavalries in the period of the kingdom, later it was extended to 5,200 infantry and 600 cavalries when the kingdom transformed into the empire.  


The infantry uses heavy armour, a belt and a backpack, Medium shield   the legion is also equipped with up to ten ballistae for either sieges or when fighting a pitched battle.


Longsword/short sword   Javelins and small darts.   Bow and crossbows   Magic users


The 9th Legion is made in the same way as all other legions of the empire, 10 cohorts formed the legion.


the 9th Legion mostly uses a tactic where the centre is left weak deliberately to invite the enemy centre to attack the "weak" centre and then envelop the enemy.   depending on the enemy, another tactic used is a tactic where the flanks are thinned to provide a concentration in the centre to smash through the enemy lines.


The legionaries in the 9th undergo rigorous training, they are constantly trained with weapons and drills - marches with a full load and in formation are more frequent compared to regular legions. Discipline is the basis for the success of the 9th Legion.


Logistical Support

When the legion is on the move it can require up to a 1,000 personel to just transport the supplies to the legion.


Unlike the regular legion of the empire who when war is declared will raise auxiliary troops, the 9th legion will insted assign sections of regular legions to it.


3 silver Farthing pr. day in salary   50 gold Bizant pr. week in maintaining   8 kg of food a week pr. soldier


It is not possible to volunteer to the 9th Legion, if a legionere performs exceptionelt well in his unit, he will have a chance to be selected to join the legion


In the battle of the lone castle the 9th legion marched 30 km in the cover of the night and broke though a blokade and saved the emperor.   The 9th Legion have had a large cultural impact on both the civilian population, lots of citizens dream of serving in the legion, for regular legionnaires the legion have become the goal to serve in if they want to end up in the Imperial Guard since all members of the Guard have been selected from the 9th since the battle of The Lone Castle.

Historical loyalties

The 9th legion is first and foremost loyal to the empire, secondly to the emperor/empress.
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