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Located in the middle of the isthmus connecting the Empire of Dercia and the Principality of Clifia Arborses are called the Gate to the West by many Dercians, the city is the first major city one would find if coming overland from the Principality.   No one is really sure when or by who the city was founded but after the fall of the ancient empire the city quickly found itself being the battleground between the Empire and Principality changing hands a couple of times over the centuries but always by either by being reconquered by the Empire, or even one time by a rebellion that returned the city to the Empire.


While most races can be found in the city, Elves, half-elves and humans do make out the major part of the city.


Given that the city is a garrison city, it is run by the commander of the legions stationed in the city. To help, the commander has a council consisting of both officers and civilians.


Arborses are surrounded by a city wall that is up to 7 meters tall and 2 meters wide.   Some argue that Geralt's wall that are protecting the Empire should be counted as part of Arborses defensive structure even if the wall and city are 15 km apart.  
by Chichester Walls Trust
the first city wall under construction.

Industry & Trade

With the majority of the cities population being soldiers, the smithing industry plays an important role in keeping the army stationed there with good gear. Merchants also keep the city supplied with wares.   the city also exports the special ale made in the city.
by Ivan Lapper
The western gate, with some trade going on outside the city.


The buildings in Arborses are made with either stone that has been cut to fit or clay bricks, some of the older buildings in the city that still survives to this day are made with stones from the surrounding fields with wooden beams in between.   all the buildings in the city have red coloured roof tiles.


Arborses are located in the middle of the isthmus connecting the Empire of Dercia and the Principality of Clifia its a flat land area and back in time a river used to run next to the town but during a siege of the city, the river got redirected, but this resulted in the river drying up.
by Łukasz Nurczyński

Natural Resources

Some of the finest wheat grows around the city and is used by the civilian population to make some unique ale that is used for export.
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The gate to the West
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