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Memorial of the death

During The war of Western expansion on the planes seperating the garrison city of Arborses and the border between the Dercia and Clifia. A great battle took place with the largest army Derica had fielded at the time.   For the battle, Dercia committed 5 legions and Clifia 7 Phalanxes, the battle lasted from early morning to long into the evening, only stopping when it got too dark to see a friend from foe. It was expected that the battle would resume the next day despite the near pyrrhic losses on both sides but when the morning came there was no sight of the Clifian army.   The Dercian commander set after the enemy and caught them by complete surprise and the Clifians was cut down, some tried to hide up in trees but the Dercians brought up their archers and hunted them for sport.   On this spot, the Memorial of the death was raised made out of one of the trees on the battlefield.   The construction of the memorial was pretty spontaneous, a few hours after the slaughter of the Clifians some Dercian soldiers noticed a tree that had been almost completely covered in blood from the Clifians still hanging in the branches of it. They began to place broken shields and armour around the tree in a circle, when one of the soldiers returned with nails they began to nail equipment to the tree itself. Shortly after they were joined by more and more soldiers and it was first when there was no more room on the tree that the battlefield got quiet, really really quiet as if the world was trying to process the newly constructed "memorial".   In the years after the battle and especially after the war ended the place became a spot for many veterans of the war to visit and pay their respect and the veterans of the battle that took place there visited the place yearly where they prayed to the gods that.   Even when the tree and the bodies had returned to nature the place was still easily spotted by the large mount covered in grass that had grown over the equipment and bones.


Around 100 years after the first structure was raised on the spot, the emperor commissioned a more permanent structure to be raised on the same location now that the original memorial had long since returned to nature.


The structure that the Memorial of the death was made of, was that of a tree that is fully covered with armour, shields and even a few of the dead Clifians either nailed or tied to the tree trunk.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Tree of Death
Monument / Statue, Large
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