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Gladiator fights

Gladiator fights are a favoured Dercian pastime experience, in the areas the gladiators will fight each other, monsters and even though rare, it does happen from time to time that prisoners will fight.


Gladiator fights have been done in Pearlhal and other Crienia settlements for thousands of years but the first written sources date back to early in the First kingdom of Dercia were it was used to settle disputes in court cases. Over the years the fights gained a bigger and bigger crowd so at some point the fights in relation to court decisions were held behind closed doors but at the same time the people got their fights as the kings or queens would sponsor fights with a regular interval.


A modern Gladiator fight will typically be held in the Hippodrome Festivus in Pearlhal or similar buildings in other cities. Here the fighters will enter with different types of equipment and, after having conducted some rituals and greeted the sponsors of the games, like in the old times, it's typically the royal family that sponsors the games, although its not uncommon for other nobles or rich merchants to sponsor some.

Components and tools

The gladiators would typically be equipped with light pieces of armour, typically the same type of armour that the Dercian armies had used centuries before, some would not use armour of any sort and soly rely on speed and distance.   With weapons, gladiators wouldtypically any sort of weapons they can get their hands on. the Dimachaerus is a favorite of the crowds as this style of combat involves the gladiators using a sword in each hand.
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