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Felix Aqueduct

The Felix Aqueduct is named after Felix Astalles, the first king of the newly established second kingdom of Pearlhal, which would evolve a few decades later into the Kingdom of Dercia.   Although Arborses is located at the geopolitically important crossroads of land routes like the Continental highway, fresh water supply was a problem for the city and over the years there had been build many aqueducts to the city both when the city was independent. These had been replaced with bigger ones when the town was incorporated into the Dercian kingdom but the city grew almost as fast as the water supply could keep up, this was one of the reasons for the Felix Aqueduct to be constructed.   The Aqueduct was by saboteurs from the Principality of Clifia in the last couple of years of the The war of Western expansion.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the Felix Aqueduct was to bring water to the rapidly growing city of Arborses. The city already had several aqueducts bringing water to it but due to the growth, the leaders of the city predicted that the city would need more fresh water in the future so they commissioned the construction of what would be the largest aqueduct in the kingdom at that time.


Over the time the aqueduct was in use before its ruin, it was modernized twice, both times installing higher walls on the sides to allow for more water to be directed down the aqueduct.


The aqueduct consisted of channels made out of vaulted masonry with a large part of it being large enough to walk through.
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Cover image: Roman Aquaduct in Preveza, Greece by Φωτό: Χαράλαμπος Γκούβας


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