Shadow men

Shadow men is the name given by the people, to those who come out at night and cleans the cities of the empire after a long day with the streets filled with people.   The Shadow men are organised into several guilds, each major imperial city tends to have their own shadow men guild who takes care of the cleaning of the streets and make sure their members are paid a fair price for their work.   In some cities the Shadow men double their income by helping the local law enforcement in keeping the peace in those cities at night.


Career Progression

It ranges from city to city but a Shadow man will serve under a master until he is done with his training, this can take anything from a few months to a year.

Payment & Reimbursement

Wages range from 5 copper a day to 1 silver.

Other Benefits

Shadow men are members of their local guild in the city, and for a small membership fee every month, they are provided with healthcare and a pension once they retire.


Social Status

It is usually a job taken by the lower class among the population of a city, but the profession is by no means looked down upon since most people recognize the need for the Shadow men.


In Pearlhal there are around 2000 employed as Shadow men, the highest number in the empire. Other cities have anywhere from a handful to a few hundred, depending on the needs of the city.



The shadow men use anything from carts to shovels and forks, even magic if there is a need for it.


The city is the workplace for the Shadow men so there are all kinds of smells and sounds, some better than others depending on the neighbourhood.

Dangers & Hazards

Being a Shadow man is generally seen as a safe profession.
Public Services
Not that high demand but, it is a secure job.
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