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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an often undervalued but vital profession
A total of 426 entries

Corporate white-collar worker

Jirithkaen Child Caregivers

Promeran Mail & Delivery Service

Brightly Burning Ethion--Ethite Language

Desert Caravan Bladder Rollers

Miners of Havila - Prompt #20 undervalued but vital profession

Consort of the Master's Court

Hospitality Professionals

Receptionists for Magical Masters

Dockworker | Stevedore and Longshoreman

Orbital Derelict Floating Parts and Sattelite Collector

Yolkadras: babysitting bodyguards

Asteroid Belt Mining and Haulers

Transmutation Alchemists

Unified Streetcleaners Association

Aldaria's Waste Management Service- By Rustl Haetumour

Federation Navy Communications Officer

Les mains dans les insectes

Mana Waste Abatement Worker

Endure Sewage Maintenance Worker

Bookmakers of Tecoma Street

Officer and Constable of the Russian National Police Forces