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Town Crier

A majorly undervalued position that is commonly overlooked by many of the citizens of the settlements that cover Iaxovar, despite the vital information they convey to the public from the governmental bodies. They stand in the plazas and main streets of population centres, sometimes with a horn, other times with a bell or something similar in order to attract the attention of the masses. However, this appears to have little effect in helping fulfil their role, even though there could be no society or information sharing without them. Their words can bring hope to the downtrodden and can bring a community together through their announcements of festivals, ceremonies and celebrations or drive them apart with woeful warnings of plagues, military conflicts and governmental discourse. They have the power to rally the masses and destabilize governments if they chose to, they can sway public opinion and bring about change. A town crier of note, one who became a folk hero to some, was Kavan_Betsk, a man of humble origins from the town of Freycairn who pressed about with his day-to-day life. It would turn out that it would be on a day of minimal sun rays and a slight down pour that, unbeknownst to himself, his words would save countless lives. On his journey to the local market place on the day of the travelling merchants, he would come to hear unnerving revelations, tales of band of marauders to the south east of the town, only a few days ride as the crow flies, that had been raiding and pillaging a string of hamlets and villages in the general direction of their town. Knowing his duty to his fellow citizens, he found the nearest crowd of people, the market attendees and began to preach his words of warning, speaking of an enemy to the south and to the east who seeks to sack their town and raze it to the ground. His words alerted the able bodied to fight and the few town guard that were available to sure up and form a makeshift militia to repel the invaders. It is thanks to him that 1000s of lives survived the assault that came in the following days.  Another story of a town crier in the slum districts of the city of Andoga, not known by any name by the records, who conveyed the information that was being kept to the upper districts of the city alone. Only the wealthy and influential would know of matters affecting the middle and lower classes of the populace, dividing the city and sowing decent amongst the citizens. Upon interception of a series of communication between an informant in the lower city districts and an influential courtier while they were in transport and their carriage crashed during a riot, he began to organise the people, rallying them behind a common cause, the removal of the hierarchical structure that had oppressed them for so long. Through his actions change was brought for the betterment of many, not just the few.
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