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The Myth Busters

Professional Myth Busters

Referred to by the general public as the "Myth Busters", the Coalition for Hearsay Authentication is a group not affiliated with any specific kingdom. They accept commissions from any who can afford to hire them, from common folk to royalty, they will investigate rumors to uncover their validity. From investigating allegations of unfaithful spouses to rumors of undead infecting the kingdom their motto is "Leave no myth untested."  

Job Description

The Myth Busters are freelance private investigators. The members are all specialized in investigation tactics but individuality and further specializations are encouraged among their ranks. When approached with a request they determine a price for the job and the best investigator to take care of it. If approached with a larger contract more investigators will be assigned to it, it is only upon completion of the contract that the Investigators get paid. The investigators are given free reign for how the choose to investigate their contract. If at any point an investigator denies or goes back on the contract it is either offered to another investigator or the money is returned.   


The life of a private investigator can be a dangerous one. As such the investigators part of the Coalition retain a lot of benefits. They get anonymity and protection for all disputes that arise during a contract. They are given medical and shelter. The greatest benefit of working with the Coalition is the "Death Benefit." The Coalition keeps several divine casters and druids on sight. If an investigator is offered a high risk contract the can petition to have a healer accompany them during their travels. These healers are capable of divine healing and the more trained capable of the revivify spell. Additionally each investigator is given an amulet, upon the death of the investigator the amulet will shatter and inform the coalition of their death. At this point a druid will cast the reincarnation spell, resurrecting them. Once an investigator is reincarnated once they are seen as a liability to the rest of the Coalition and is barred from taking most contracts or out right removed from the Coalition.


Among the different kingdoms the Coalition for Hearsay Authentication hold a overall favorable relationship, as part of their policy, they will refuse contracts from any kingdom that involves investigation of another kingdom, no matter the circumstance. While many rulers have ridiculed the Coalition for not aiding them in political investigation all the Kingdoms are comfortable in the knowledge that they are not currently being investigated by officials of another kingdom.  It has also become a common practice to withdraw your contract if it ends up with the Investigator Jaime, one of the founders of the Coalition, due to his proclivity with explosions.

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