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Miners of Havila - Prompt #20 undervalued but vital profession

Prompt #20 undervalued but vital profession – Miners
Down in the mines, Kaleth was glad one of his oldest friends was there with him. He had known Midus since he was the high lord of the western kingdom. They laughed a lot as they worked side by side in the mines. Midus missed his late wife Yvaine, but his children and grandchildren made his world a brighter place. About one-fourth of the homes needed were started by the Guardsmen Core and Tech Core. The young adults were working hard to build their new kingdom; training in the very early morning, then dividing into work crews for the rest of the day. Kaleth was proud of the young Aetherians. Nearly one hundred had volunteered for the core, in addition to the seventeen guardsmen who had survived the battles with Damien’s undead army. The less skilled swordsmen were sent to the building projects while he and the stronger fighters either guarded the timber men in the forest or cleared the creatures from Guild Master Midus’ mines. The Aetherians had been horrified to discover that the dead of the old kingdom still roamed the dark places of their world as corpses filled with black slime instead of blood. Daisy called them zombies in her birth language, but Midus had coined the term Necro-warrior, or Necrorrior, and it stuck. When they weren’t fighting Necrorriors, the Aetherian warriors were helping the dozen timber men or twenty-three miners. It was hard work, but the resources the growing settlement needed had took top priority after the farms had been set up. Every warrior-in-training and tech student was cross-crafted between defense forces and a trade field, and they all also attended school before or after their day’s duties.
  Early in the morning, The Guardian, the Prince, and the Oracle were with two guardsmen, a miner and a tech finishing setting up an ambitious flow tracking survey of The River. A group of miners had discovered the planet’s secret waters in a vast cave system, a great ocean of water flowing in one direction branching off in a million places to travel north and south. The River flowed like a belt above the Arborea’s midsection. The underground flow of water carried more volume in a day than all the rivers of Aetheria combined and doubled. The planet’s rotation was the engine that drove The River. There were many places where The River’s cave become a ravine and sunshine shone down into the darkness. There were even islands created by the cavern’s roof collapsing into the murky waters. One of the towns was built in the Big Sink, a giant ravine that dwarfed the Grand Canyon of Terrearth. There were other giant underground valleys where the sky could be seen but the sun only shined down into them a few hours a day. Vines hung down like veils into the darkness below. It was enchanting and dangerous. The early miners used ground penetrating radar to track the larger flow areas but there were thousands and thousands of lesser flow tributaries that branched off and the miner’s equipment just wasn’t sensitive enough to track the smaller channels. Nevin the miner was fascinated by The River’s sediments which contained every form of ore. He wanted to know where the ores came from.
  The only settlement of Miners on Havilah was underground. The Technician Core and Farmers Guild had figured out how to create drinkable water and how to grow crops under the surface for the periods between the supply spaceflights. It was a hostile place to live, but the rewards were great to the courageous. The ultra-fine taupe sands were actually a mosaic of every stone, ore, and rock that existed. The fine white sand and veins of colored sand were highly desired by the glassmakers of Aetheria. The planet had layers of ore-rich veins beneath the sands, making mining the small world valuable and dangerous. Less than 200 lived on Havilah semi-permanently. Master Miner Miranda rotated the members of the Miners’ Guild through duty there. The rare ores and elements only found on Havilah were necessary to build the space fleet and newer, stronger armor and weapons, which was why they were surveying the Long Land for new rich ore veins for the Miners’ Guild.
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