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The Maintainers

Despite DSC being the barebone of everything Confederation is relied on, even how advanced they are, it still need manual maintaining. It isn't the job we care, but we need. A computer may do heavy jobs better than human, but the instinct it miss make it imperfect, which is what human usually has.

By being isolated from any part of the universe to ensure the security of the the humanity's greatest tool of communication.



First, you needed to be a mathematic and engineer expert. The test will be held and if you passed all of them, the government will considering approved, taking an oath to protect and not betray the system.[/p

Other Benefits

Plenty of Confederate Currency



Their main duty is to take care of DSC Station while observing any possible threat. Each DSC station are using peer-to-peer network to connect nearby station within limited range. If one of them were destroyed, the maintainer on the nearest station have to move their station as a replacement.


In the early day of DSC, there's more people to operate each stations. As the technology progressed, the less people to work with.



They have to station on one of the DSC Stations, an intergalactic orbital transceiver from the Hub. It's self-powering with closed-cycle environment, which mean that everything there won't be lost. Because of this, the internal has a chance to decay.

One station required a pilot, an engineer, and a machanic. They have to live together for a total of 10 months per year with two whole month vacation. A convey ship visit them 2 times per year, to exchange crew and resuppiles.

Dangers & Hazards

Luckily, the station's shield are protecting themselves against all form of encouters. However, if the damage is hard enough to cause any major malfunction, they can abandon it with emergency ship.

Administration / Management
Related Technologies

The Hub

If they are promoted enough, they would be moved to The Hub; The DSC data center on Conventum.

From the hub, where every webs connected, they have access everthing happen in real-time via Galactic Map; All information in the known galaxy. Whenever suspected encouter occured, the threat will be coordinated in the hologram. This come along with the report from the nearby station, to make soure if this could be done by sending fleet into that position.

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23 Jul, 2021 01:57

Are "encounters" the only dangers? No accidents?

25 Jul, 2021 20:56

Probably not. If an accident happened that is so critical they would've been investigated, if they managed to get back entirely.