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As their name suggests, they forge furniture, armor, and swords out of metal. While they are more prominent in major countries and kingdoms, they are somehow undervalued by Signatio due to their main focus on magic and the lack of melee fighters in the kingdom. Yet they are still vital due to their association with the famous Magitek inventors and enchanters as collaborators.


Social Status

While most of the blacksmiths are in lower caste in kingdoms, some like the kingdom of Lucidus considers them as their equal as some of the famous Adventurers and soldiers turn to some of their friends from the lower caste for special commissions such as weapons, furniture, or a gift. There are also "S-Ranked" and Royal Blacksmiths serving some guilds and monarchy respectively, who are highly regarded by nobles for their skills with the forge.


In most countries, there are 300-800 blacksmiths employed within a year while 50 are scattered working in some small towns and villages. Signatio is a whole other story as they are only 100 blacksmiths a year in the country, some who work with the Magitek inventors with mass-producing and creating new Magitek products.



Because of their work, blacksmiths require many types of steel to create weapons and other projects. They sometimes accept materials from their customers as a special offer on their commissions.


As blacksmiths, they often have a forge set up outside their houses while some are inside them. Most of them who also runs a weapon shop often has a forge constructed along with the shop building.

Provided Services

Along with providing commissions with a fee, most blacksmiths run a weapon store where they can buy and sell weapons as well as offering services to dismantle the ones they don't need.
Most of the countries are staple while in Signatio, it's in mid-luxury
As they are mostly staple, the profession is legal in all of the countries and kingdoms, including Signatio.

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