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Town Crier

The News Source of some Towns

Hear ye! Hear ye! A whale has landed on the shore of Locktuse! Mr. Pitt has told Lord Cervus Glenbrook that he did not expect a visit from his mother!
Hear ye! We are being visited by Pembroke of the House of Lords and our esteemed King Hackett only a few days after. We are advised to stockpile tomatoes for Pembroke’s appearance and any that are not thrown at him is to be reserved for salads in our King’s banquet!



The ability to read is highly important as well as have a booming voice.

Payment & Reimbursement

Because of the relative ease, town criers are given a measly 1 floren a week.

Other Benefits

Receiving the news first is often the main joy.



Providing news and keeping the settlement informed of what’s going on.

Social Status

Being a town crier isn’t fashionable or popular. It’s seen more as a tedious but necessary kind of job. Only in the Kingdom of Trinidad is the town crier seen as an unintended comedian by reporting on what goes on.



A bell for getting the local’s attention a signifying piece of clothing like a sash, hat, or badge.


First they start off with the local newspaper at a hut or headquarters. From there, they collect it and head out into the streets.

Dangers & Hazards

Thugs and general thieves are the main worry. Sometimes people aren’t fond of the shouting or clanging of a bell.

Social Services

Governors of towns often appoint a citizen. Should someone outright do the job without official notice, there will be concerns with the governance for possible misinformation.

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