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Empire of Madria



Safely huddled between Valencia and Venezia, many Madrians in Calvora take life a little more easily, as threats would come from the sea, and their navy is their greatest strength.


Madrian expeditions founded the continent of Slithane . The colonists there are in constant conflict with the yuan-ti that are present. Their expansion plans have constantly been hindered by these snake cultists but it's well worth the spice trade.


Because of their strong navy, the Madrians have managed to colonize a few areas of their own, in Oceania.


Conquerors & Cavaliers

The Madrian ground forces are designed for various means of exploration and terrain. Those in the Triumvirate would rather refer to them as specialist troops compared to the Valencian military, for Valencia is focused more on battlefield tactics and large-scale war.

The famed "Conqueror" makes the core staple of the Madrian infantry. They are equipped with muskets, swords, or halberds. They are armored in breastplate and morion helmets over their yellow and white uniforms.

Ships of the Line

The Madrian navy is not something to underestimate. Even the entirety of the Trinian Royal Navy is put in check by their sheer force and numbers. Constant experience at sea has created some of the finest admirals Florenelle has to offer.

Vive L’Empereur
— Triumvirate Battle Cry

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