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1720 Edition

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Welcome to Florenelle!

What is the Encyclopedia Universalis? It is a vast catalogue of information about varying subjects on Florenelle. A new edition is published every decade. We hope this resource will help you understand the workings of this world.

Florenelle is a fantasy setting with a Georgian Era (1714-1830) aesthetic. A setting of musket, sorcery, and wigs. It’s a setting that embraces traditional fantasy on the surface. However, one quickly discovers that the deeper they go, it can become one of dark horrors from the Necromantic War or of cosmic despair as Gatherers from the Entropic Void anticipate their escape from their ancient prison.

If you are new here, it’s advised you head to Welcome to Florenelle or the Beginner's Guide to Florenelle.

Florenic Worlds Host

Named after Florenelle, the Florenic Worlds are a broad inclusion of other settings that are loosely tied to each other as Kordgelle oversees them like a caretaker. As a result, core cosmic essentials like planar realms can be found at the Florenelle world page.

Here are some canon Florenic settings, though some have yet to still be developed. Florenelle is considered the core world due to it being the most developed.

Florenic World Summary
A binary world of positive and negative influence
A lone kingdom stands alone in a forgotten world
A world in a restored age after a terrible war destroyed so much