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The Florenic Worlds are a loose collection of worlds and settings that all take part in the same universe. Starting with Florenelle, next came Faunerro, Arturias, and Duovia as the major core settings. What these worlds all have in common is that Kordgelle watches over them all and are influenced by the same planar realms such as the Fell and Haven.

It all started with Florenelle, a homebrew Dungeons and Dragons (5th Edition) setting. It is a fantasy world with a Georgian Era (1714-1830) aesthetic. A setting of musket, sorcery, and dark pasts. It’s a setting that embraces traditional fantasy on the surface. However, one quickly discovers that the deeper they go, it can become one of dark horrors from the Necromantic War or of cosmic despair as Gatherers from the Entropic Void anticipate their escape from their ancient prison.

If you are new here, it’s advised you head to this beginning article first for a quick guide on how this setting works out:

Beginner’s Guide to the Florenic Worlds
Generic article | Apr 12, 2024

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