Adventures in the Florenic Worlds

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Florenic Worlds
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The many stories and adventures within the Florenic Worlds setting.

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Mon 5th June 2023 18:00

Haunting of Blackrot Session 12

The Party rally back at the outpost and consider their next move.

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29th May 2023

Haunting of Blackrot Session 11

The Party confronts the coordinator of the Bloodtide Pact.

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22nd May 2023

Haunting of Blackrot 10

The party investigates the Bloodtide Pact

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15th May 2023

Haunting of Blackrot 9

The party explores into Arvura further.

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8th May 2023

Haunting of Blackrot 8

The party returns the skull and travels on toward a new domain!

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1st May 2023

Haunting of Blackrot Session 7

The party confronts the beacon guardian and returns the skull of the Misty Rider.

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17th Apr 2023

Haunting of Blackrot Session 6

The party investigates further into the Misty Rider and its purpose in Divinterre.

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10th Apr 2023

Blackrot Session 5

The party uncovers what Couteau plots against the villagers of Baldacci.

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3rd Apr 2023

Blackrot Session 4

The party investigates the Village of Baldacci.

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27th Mar 2023

Blackrot Session 3

The party confronts the source of the Blight ravaging the Village of Portogne!

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20th Mar 2023

Blackrot Session 2

The party explores the domain of Divinterre for the first time!

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13th Mar 2023

Blackrot Session 1

The party begins their journey in the Dread Domains.

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12th Jul 2021

Shadow Session 5

The party must figure out their next plan now that they’re in the Province of Regalia.

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28th Jun 2021

Shadow Session 4

The party holds out in Maleou Village

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21st Jun 2021

Shadow Session 3

The party seeks out the Bloodwater Theater

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14th Jun 2021

Shadow Session 1

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The Protagonists

Clovis Fevre

Abbott Edouard

Henrietta Swift