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Beginner’s Guide to the Florenic Planes

A Quick Guide to the Florenic Planar Worlds

Table of Contents
  • Function of the Planes
  • Material Planes
  • Core Planes
  • Omnipresent Planes
  • Energy Planes
  • Function of the Planes

    Plane Types

    Material Plane

    Material planes refers to worlds that, on their own, are only influenced by the immediate world around them. Without any other planes, what fate would befall the mortals present there are up to the natural forces present.

    Core Plane

    The six core planes are what provide the philosophy, sources of specific magic, and influence onto material planes. They are split between positive and negative aspects due to their proximity to one of two energy planes. Positive is near Paradise and are about the healthy buildup and growth of mortal kind. Negative planes are near the Null and are about the destructive forces that breakdown mortals.

    Note that these core planes are labeled as positive or negative. This does not innately mean that negative planes are evil and malevolent and the positive planes are entirely good and reliable. Each one contains a philosophical strength and weakness to its domain. Additionally, for each material world (like Arturias, Duovia, etc) or even a region within a material world, the influence of planar realms can manifest in different ways.

    For example, in Florenelle, the Arkonian city of Grathenvok would be hard to miss as many Arkonians were exiled there after the Necrowar. However, in Faunerro, you will be lost in an eerie woodland than an exiled city.

    Omnipresent Plane

    Omnipresent planes are ones that loom throughout the Florenic Worlds. They typically provide some form of critical function such as dreams or a path to the afterlife.

    Energy Plane

    The two energy planes are the raw sources of creation and destruction that buildup or breakdown the cosmos. Because of some creatures within these worlds, they take on those aspects and spread influence similar to core worlds.

    Material Planes

    Material World

    The material world refers to the prime mortal world, such ones like Florenelle, Faunerro, Arturias, and Duovia. These material worlds are shaped and defined by the other planar powers that bring down their influence.

    Genoro’s Elemental Planes

    Genoro is the Realm of Creation. It envelopes the other elemental worlds. Because elementals have lost their purpose of creating entire worlds for the creators, they seek to fill that void. Many turn to spiritualism, some arise as eager summoned to battle for mages, and other means of spending immortal time.


    The Realm of Water. Nautileus is one of vast seas and deeper oceans. Here, massive legendary sea creatures either claim dominion as apex champions of roiling waters or noble rulers of calm and gentle waves.


    The Realm of Air. The winds are ever changing as many flying creatures reign supreme over the many clouds. What floating islands are present are to allow land-based creatures some place to reside and those of flight a place to rest.


    The Realm of Earth. The rocks are stubborn and unchanging here. It is because of this unending dedication that beautiful gems and crystals have formed. However, that some dedication can bring devastating change.


    The Realm of Fire. It’s easy to see why the fire elementals and Infernals have occasional flings. They both know the fires of passion and change. It takes a great burning to stride forward and make the difference that must be brought. Collateral damage can be a common problem with them, unfortunately.

    Core Planes

    Planar Rivals

    One of the key themes some will see within the Florenic Worlds are the rivalries between the core planes. Usually the occupants between these planes can tolerate, at best, those of opposite positive or negative alignments. Though, for these planes, there are bitter rivalries because of their complete philosophical opposition. The main rivalries are expressed through these perspectives typically:

    Averse and Dictation. Order versus chaos. The Averse seeks to show the restriction and tediousness for the need of laws, structure, and rigor. Dictation seeks to hinder the harm or uncertainty innately within change.

    The Fell and Elvarid. Life versus death. This rivalry more commonly takes on a personal struggle rather than an innately combative one. Elvarid tries to maintain the beauty of life and all that is joyful. The Fell, however, steps in when tragedy occurs and is a looming reminder of death.

    Inferna and Haven Good versus evil. Haven tries desperately to ensure a sense of morality as they overcome the darkness. Inferna’s ambition, however, could care less about such obstacles.

    Plane Aspect
    Averse Chaos
    Dictation Law
    Elvarid Wonder
    Fell Despair
    Haven Good
    Inferna Evil

    Negative Planes


    Planar Strength: Change. To expect the world to be the same every day is foolish. Sometimes change is for the better. Sometimes it is for the worst.

    Planar Flaw: Inconsistency. Change’s unpredictable nature can cause too much havoc if left unchecked or contained properly.

    The Realm of Distortion. The Averse is all about twisting and changing what is standard in the world. It’s about the freedom of doing what you want. Of course, calling on this planar power, or those who embody it, may include weird and unnatural side effects that you cannot fathom.

    Many aberrant creatures, such as Nightgaunt, call this place home.


    Planar Strength: Suffering. Suffering is the cruel guarantee in life. You can try to mitigate it or embrace it, but in the end, we all are in some form of pain.

    Planar Flaw: Fatalism. We are often destined for something, whether destitution or fortune, and it’s better we embrace the inevitable than to fight what cannot be changed.

    The Realm of Despair. Shadows and mists permeate around lands baring only shades of gray coloring. What living residents here are dull and empty of personality. Only the undead flourish in these wretched lands.


    Planar Strength: Ambition. The only way to achieve what you want is by striving for it. Sometimes you or others must be hurt in the process.

    Planar Flaw: Avarice. Why should others have the spoils you worked so hard to obtain? To give them a foothold means others could contest your position.

    The Realm of Enmity. In these wastelands, conflict is at the heart of everything. Only the strong have dominion and sway on what happens here. Of course, strength can be through wealth, might, or powerful connections. The entire pursuit is for power and the dream is to be the one ruling over the other squalid creatures here.

    Positive Planes


    Planar Strength: Structure. Through defined systems and regular routines, daily life can go on both smoothly and productively.

    Planar Flaw: Amoral. In a truly equal and fair dominion, even those of good heart must suffer as do the evil.

    The Realm of Stability. Dictation is the heart of order in the Florenic Worlds. To the many crysalids of this plane, peace of mind is brought through control of uncertainty. Sometimes that control is emulated through a sense of manipulating fate in a controlled sense.


    Planar Strength: Fascination. Life is full of beautiful intricacies and profound experiences. There is always something to look forward to.

    Planar Flaw: Impulsivity. A lack of control over your emotions can lead to dangerous situations.

    The Realm of Wonder. Elvarid is a celebration to the vast possibility and beauty within life. Many curious wonders come from this planar world. Frogs and mice playing a part in a grand band, a tree that blows raspberries at traveling wanderers, and a talking door that demands a cherry for passage are just samples of what curious things come from here.


    Planar Strength: Benevolence. All life has value and it must be given dignity and respect.

    Planar Flaw: Idealistic. Good intentions are not always practical. Sometimes a sense of purity can develop and push others away.

    The Realm of Hope. Haven is the great cosmic beacon for the sincere wellbeing of creatures. For if there is no sense of good in the world, life would be wretched and miserable. That is why many who emulate this plane, divine or mortal, go out of their way and be the metaphorical light for those in darkness.


    Omnipresent Planes

    Plane Aspect
    Astral Plane Vastness
    Etherius Spirits
    Somnius Dreams

    Omnipresent planes are realms that permeate in some manifestation around all Florenic Worlds. There is always a way to reach these worlds no matter where you are. Often these planes carry a universal function between all worlds.

    Astral Sea

    The realm where it all began. The Astral Plane is a vast and infinite domain where it contains every known planar world. Home to the One in Yellow Wraps, only he has dominion over this world as he prefers every other deity squabble over control of the Core Planes or the Material Worlds.


    Etherius is the Realm of Spirits. There are two key layers, namely the Mirror and the Crypt. The Mirror layer is the reason why Etherius is present in every planar realm. It is a reflection of the material world hidden from mortal eyes where spirits can manifest their unseen presence onto mortals. The Crypt is home to the vast Requiem Castle where Reapers bring departed souls for safekeeping from exploitive powers. It is also here that such souls are also judged if they are to reside with one of the planes.


    The Realm of Dreams. Primarily controlled by Somara, Somnius is the dreamy blend between the Fell and Elvarid. Somara’s Dreamwalkers go out into the material worlds to bring peace of mind to people.

    Energy Planes

    Plane Aspect
    Null Entropy
    Paradise Energy

    The energy planes are the core sources of power in the cosmos. These two are why Core Planes are categorized as such due to their close proximity to these planes.


    The Realm of Entropy. The Null is the great destroying power to life and draining force upon energy. Only the undead can safely thrive here. Those who embody this realm become nihilistic and lose all sense of morality as they become hollowed. After all, it does not matter.

    One cannot so easily mention the Null without referencing the Nameless Host. It is the most powerful entity among other despicable powers. Why It is called so could be how its thralls, both living and undead, lose their sense of identity under its command. Perhaps how it holds great sway over other the many dread domains within the Fell as a “host” to them? Regardless, It has many minions that are power hungry and go out of their way to enact its will onto the cosmos. Of course, should there be disobedience, It will claim them without hesitation.


    The Realm of Energy. Paradise is the core source of all energy for the Florenic Worlds. Those of undead nature either become cured or harmed depending on the variation of their undeath. As for the living? They could not thrive better anywhere else. The plenty of abundance makes it the dream for any living creature to place a home and live for eternity. Is it any question why Elvarid is the closest domain of the positives to Paradise?

    Watching over the realm, Ibu, the Patient Servant, looks after the entire plane as he awaits the return of his master. She promised to come back and Ibu hopes to remember her name before she does return!

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