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Realm of Spirits

A Mirrored World

When a mortal or departing soul takes their first steps into Etherius, they find themselves in a grayscale mirror of Florenelle. They have entered the first passage into the afterlife that reapers use to escort the dead to the Crypt.

Because some mortals try to refuse their demise or try to return the dead from the living, there are shadowy figures and skeleton guards that ensure only the dead are crossing. They are constantly hostile, as it is their order to assume the living are attempting to free someone from death.

The Crypt

Deeper into Etherius, creatures enter into what is known as the Crypt. Florenelle's reflection no longer lingers here. It is a black and void expanse where light only shines on the dirt and nothing more. In the center, is the glistening bluish-green glow of Requiem Castle. Ravens act as scouts and wereravens act as the wardens to ensure no one escapes, and that the dead may rest in peace.

Alternative Name(s)
Ethereal Plane, The Crypt
Dimensional plane
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