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Eisigfeld (I-zig-feld)

A Cold and Unforgiving Continent

The wind here is cruel and lashing. The cold whips into your skin. The Motherland's chill at least had a purpose. Here, it is relentless.
— A Zhari expedition report


If you can get past the island's natural icy traps, that being glaciers, then you will have reached the coastline. The region here is pretty flat, as is the rest of the surroundings. Sparse fir forests can be seen on hillsides further north. That much is all that is known. Further expeditions, and should they be logistically ready, should be able to discover more of what this region has to offer.

Ecosystem Cycles

The cold is only thing this continent knows. Snow is a guarantee but snowfall has a chance. Despite most regions having their own seasonal cycles, whether it being overbearing summers or cool winters, Eisigfeld doesn't really have any change.


The continent was first published into an Encyclopedia Universalis in 1690 because of a surviving Rhinelander expedition. They managed to turn back before striking any glacial obstacles. Once they returned home, they fitted their ship with specialized rams to get through the dangerous floating ice. What they reported was an entirely new continent that had yet to be registered in the main one.

Eisigfeld was technically first discovered in 1647 when the Rhine Kaiserreich was looking into establishing colonies of their own. No one had tried heading up north because of already present responsibilities to other regions so the Rhinelanders wanted to be the first to have a monopoly on the north. Unfortunately, the first few ships were far from prepared. The floating glaciers were frequent and had caused a lot of damage to the hull. They were forced to the nearest land to survive and stay as dry as possible.

The survivors made the most of their situation. They would fully establish themselves and founded the Town of Icyglia. There, the miserable Icyglicans wollow in their cold despair. Much of their purpose is found in helping the other and spiting the heartless cold.

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