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Morskaya, Zharitov


Zhari make up about 72% of the inhabitants, 12% are drow found within a local cave network, 9% are Scandian, 7% are eladrin, and 1% are other.


Under the rule of Governor Papov granted by the Tsar himself, he oversees the town's wellbeing with a small council of advisors.

Guilds and Factions

The Blasted Bunnies

The Blasted Bunnies have a home here. Their guildhall and tavern are what reside in the town.


The Founding

The main reason Morskaya came to be was the need for a port. The Tsar wanted the place to be a bastion of ships that would patrol along the coastline. That dream was delayed. In many countless times. Materials for the desired 1st rates were too few, as the wood was needed for housing instead. Regardless, the good and bad news was that outsider fleets could freely dock on the shipyard without much hindrance.


The Volcana Crisis

When Valencian colonists arrived and settled in the Bolotny Swamp a little further north of the town, they began excavation on strange Precursor ruins. Their work was to study the use and designs of clockworks. The native firbolgs didn't take kindly to their encampment for fears it would awaken Volcana, the Fire Beast. Which of course, it did.


Thankfully at the peak of Volcana's wrath, an adventuring group known as the Blasted Bunnies. Heroes who would not only bring Volcana to its knees but also prove to be heroes for the Motherland. They found a way to bring peace between the Zhari and the drow exiles. The Bunnies have even saved them from Valencian assaults.


Morskaya Today

Ever since the end of the 2nd Battle of Vrexen, most of the old members of the Blasted Bunnies split ways. In hopeful remembrance, the Zhari kept their tavern and guildhall in the finest condition, waiting for their heroes to return. Thankfully, newcomers to the guild have signed up. So far, these new Bunnies have lifted Zhari spirits once again.

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