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City of Regalia (reh-gal-lee-yuh)

The Capital City of the Province

Into the city of Regalia, its vast beauty is captivating! Flowery garlands string along rooftops and windowsills. The variety of aromas never dulls on the senses. As for its people, they hauntingly stride along the streets. A smile and nod of the head is the most ever heard out of some of the eladrin.

Curiosity brings spectators to watch a stretcher move along down a walkway. Though, the patient with black blotches wails and moans in grief. The aids know of the severity so they are quick to drape a cloth over the patient. The watching elves know he does not have long to live.

Strolling through the streets, you can see the locals make the most of their situation. Under pergolas they sing and by ponds they dine, all in an effort to keep hopeful spirits alight. Every eladrin smile you see carries a glimpse of grief one way or another. All of them know what they long for, that lovely place that was once known as home. They would happily return back to their sweet Elvarid but the screams of Arkonian Plague reminds them as to why it may never happen…

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The Windells

Heldoroth and Lilyana Windell are the popular and beloved Duke and Duchess over the province as a whole. As is customary with Faene culture about elders, their words carry a lot of authority and weight.


Folian Guard

The Folian Guard is a trained militia that oversees policing and basic protections for the city. Mindartis Firahel leads them as both the guard and head detective.

Secure Wall

The eladrin are rightly paranoid of the Arkonian Plague. It’s a disease that has a more lethal affect on those with fey ancestry. As a result, walls surround the city. Guards inspect each individual that comes to the city in case they could be carrying the disease.

Guilds and Factions

Doctrine Society

A magistrate of the Doctrine Society has his base of operations here. Neurovek is a vren who specializes in understanding things tied with undeath. He has agreed to provide aid should the province be ill-equipped to handle things.

Feydom Confederacy

Duke Windell oversees the town’s wellbeing under the Feydom Confederacy. A lot of investment is put into not only the city, but the province in general. It is heavily needed as a safer space to research the Arkonian Plague. Gredderleth Hospital is the one leading the charge against the illness.


The Arkonian Plague

The mass migration from Elvarid and into Florenelle was spurred on by the Arkonian Plague’s lethality. Researchers discovered that the Plague had far less potency and spread in Florenelle so research is a big part of the locality. The hope is to use the study the weakened version of the Plague and find a means of curing it for the rest of Elvarid.

Points of interest

Gredderleth Hospital

Should you find yourself with a case of Arkonian Plague, it is very likely you may wind up here. This hospital does take in the usual sick patient yet it also specializes in fighting back against the plague that has ravaged Elvarid so harshly and has leaked into Florenelle. Thankfully, its potency is less intensive on the material world, giving Gredderleth a fighting chance to keep finding footholds to cleanse the Faene homeland.

Oltheren Monastery

In the Feydom Confederacy, education is handled within monasteries, as it is the best way to describe them. They are temple-like sites where children and adolescents are dropped off for a time to learn about various essentials. It ranges from learning Faene culture to critical life skills such as cooking, socializing, and advancements (math and science). These monasteries also act as a second home for kids whether due to parents being busy to pick them up or if the poor kids have no guardian to begin with.

I have always loved my time attending the monastery. Elder Ahven and Celerra took us along on many trips around the province as a whole. I absolutely loved playing with other nivallen kids we met while heading north of the Ellidon Forest.

The Oltheren Monastery in the City of Regalia is run by Ahven and Celerra Lothanel. They are old and retired eladrin who happily raise the kids. Because Duke Windell insists on minimizing any special treatment with his own, he put both Iathrikiir and Riardon into the Lothanels’ care. Both of them have grown out of the monastery and agree those were their fondest days.

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