Echoes Session 5: The Cure

General Summary

The party has an episode of psychosis as memories flood into their mind. After all of that, a voice reached out through telepathy to reach them. It knew of their condition and if they hoped to be cured, the figure would be waiting outside of the southern gates at the windmill.

The party proceeded instead to pawn off the wolf pelts of Skavenikt’s pack to a shady kobold. Alastair and Fernando would even sign up at a secretive fighting ring before nightfall.

Sthlaphyros, the illithid aligned with Kordgelle, wasn’t too keen on giving direct answers as to what happened and why the party’s memory got altered. Only that they saw something unpleasant they shouldn’t have. He gave the party’s choice in cure either through him or Khalim’s shoddy attempt at one. The party chose to try the Doctrine Society’s attempt at a cure.

The next night, the party followed after Feltoren to head to Neurovek’s base. There, Khalim congratulated the party on making it back with minimal psychotic episodes as a symptom from an incomplete memory alteration. He describes that day as follows:

It was outside the town of Wollow here in the Province. He was following the trial of rebellious Gelvantu and wondered why they rebelled against their master Kordgelle. However, enough of a trail was left behind so the illithids descended down and took out the gelvantu.

The caravan the party had been on, however, was then seen by the illithids and then were pounced on by them. Khalim and his group defeated Kordgelle’s servants but the caravan was mid-way through its memory alteration.

So, they were taken to the Night City of Mondomiri to be treated. Khalim would frequently use a tonic to help reduce psychotic episodes and perfected it with each successful interview.

The party would then consume the tonic but Alastair would proceed to write in a book about his memories.

Your mind and surroundings numb quickly. Just as it becomes unfeeling, it quickly warps and distorts into countless images and imagery of lifetimes you would loathe, envy, dread, hope for, and more as vertigo brings you along for a swirling dance you can barely stand from.

Despite the spinning, you're awake enough to know the coming visions were not of others but of yourself now!

A voyage over the Thracallian landscape interrupted by violent greenish humanoids, Khalim looks over you, wondering if you're alright. Then the voyage into the Night City of Mondomiri where this whole nightmare began, remembering the fluids and interviews testing you.

Then finally comes the awakening as you find yourself somewhere that feels and smells different than before. The thought of it shocks you as you see your surroundings are entirely changed!

Missions/Quests Completed

  • The party found a cure for their condition.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Sthlaphyros
  • Khalim Alquidad
Florenelle: Echoes of a Lifetime
Report Date
28 Dec 2020
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