Town of Minnessir (min-ness-seer)

The Mining Town of the Province

When you hear the work songs from the miners coming home, leave the Glimmering Oak as soon as possible if you prefer peace and quiet. I can hear them partying until midnight from my home. I live at the edge of town!

— Minnessiran commoner’s advice


Race Percentage (1d100)
Elf* 56% (1-56)
Dwarrin* 14% (57-70)
Calvoran* 14% (71-84)
Argaton* 10% (85-94)
Firbolg 4% (95-98)
Vren 2% (99-100)

Roll 1d20 on a result with the * mark:

Argaton: 1-12: Dragonborn, 13-18: Kobold, 19-20: Half-Dragon

Calvoran: 1-10: Human, 11-18: Altallen, 19-20: Half-Elf

Dwarrin: 1-14: Zhari, 15-20: Scandian

Elf: 1-13: Eladrin, 14-17: Drow, 18-19: Nivallen, 20: Lunadrin


Countess Hauldimink, chosen by Duke Windell, watches over the town’s wellbeing. The help of the Folian Guard keeps any scuffles in the town to a minimum.


The first line of defense are the mountains and the Folian Guard. Usually the town relies on the mountainsides to delay the enemy while the guards prepare themselves.

Catapults are used in the event of a siege. Because of the chunk of rocks the miners grab from the mines, there is plenty of ammunition to throw around.

Industry & Trade

Ores and Gems

Minnessir is the mining capital of the Regalian Province. During the day, vast teams of miners go out and gather ores, gems, and stone. By dusk, the materials are then brought back into town to be stored in warehouses for caravans to pick up from there.


Because of the ease of access to ore from the mines and wood from Wollowin lumber yards to the south to help with tools, smithing is an easy trade to pick up here.


Dolgun’s Smithing

A smithery owned by Dolgun. A majority of this drow’s time is spent providing the miners with tools and the Folian Guard with weapons. Though, he always has time for bartering with customers on any spare supplies he has.

Gleaming Oak Tavern

This site is frequently visited by miners after a hard day’s work at night. Sometimes, the tavern is held privately by the miners for special occasions such as marriages.

It is run by an eladrin known as Falithir Wesnirethe.

Guilds and Factions

Minness Guild

The Minness Guild is a miner’s guild that formed once Minnessir’s role as a mining town had been firmly established. They take the responsibility on themselves to ensure that miners and tradesmen can simply focus on their tasks without worrying about the other’s performance.

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