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Maleera Hauldimink

Countess of Minnessiir

Countess Maleera Hauldimink

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Like Arthur Dwindle, Maleera was born in the Province of Regalia. She descends from the first Minnessir settlers with a strong miner heritage like many of the people. She went on to even marry one of them eventually.

Because of her husband constantly working in the mines that loom overhead of the town, Maleera has consistently taken over duties of the town. Most of the time it’s coordinating the local economy’s wellbeing, the integrity of defenses, and aiding the community as a whole. Duke Windell and the rest of the town only saw it natural to appoint her as the Countess of Minnessir.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Personally chosen by Duke Windell to lead Minnessir.


Contacts & Relations

Compared to the rest of her noble peers, Maleera has the fewest outsider connections due to her simplistic upbringing. She does, however, know many residents and regulars that are in the Town of Minnessir.

Family Ties

Commoner blood runs through her veins. She was born from the first settlers of the town who instinctively took charge of their people. For Maleera, it only felt natural to keep on that legacy.

Social Aptitude

Maleera is not one for formal posture or tones. She’s used to coordinating with a lot of miners, farmers, and artisans compared to nobles with puffy wigs. Thus, she has a seemingly rough yet direct way of communicating to people. Thankfully her Regalian Peers are used to this and have no quarrel. Usually.

Current Location
Date of Birth
28th of Mid-Ardent
Year of Birth
1103 Me 617 Years old
Oak Brown
129 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

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