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Arthur Dwindle

Count of Graylen

Count Arthur Dwindle (a.k.a. The Outsider Mutt)

Mental characteristics


Some would say that he is a complete nobody. This half-elf seemingly just came into the influential sphere of Regalian issues with little explanation. He managed to climb through the ring of nobility and into a Count position as if it were done overnight. Many of his colleagues believe him to be quite enjoyable to be around but his rivals like to scrutinize his shadowy past. What little actions of his past are there to judge him by?

Ambassador to Calvora

Arthur Dwindle is chosen by Duke Windell to be his ambassador to Calvora. His talent to sway their Kings, Emperors, and Doges to favor the Feydom is valuable to Windell. Though, conspiracies suggest that he would be a puppet of Trinidad or the Triumvirate if Windell were deposed and he stepped up to lead Regalia.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Became Count over the Town of Graylen.
  • Introduced voting on Elders within his local villages.
  • Managed to persuade trade agreements with Regalia between both rival powers of the Kingdom of Trinidad and the Triumvirate.

Failures & Embarrassments

  • The “Ellidon Massacre” which led to a caravan heading to Trinian and Valencian colonies was assaulted by nivallen elves in the Ellidon Forest.
  • Put down publicly by Viscountess Iathrakiir Windell, Duke Windell’s daughter, during a ball at the Springwood Palace.

Morality & Philosophy

Mixed Blood Born in Regalia

Arthur Dwindle is a half-elf born of a Trinian human father and Regalian eladrin mother. His sole philosophy while in the political field is that the Feydom and powers within Calvora can be the best of friends. His mixed pedigree, he believes, is what allows him an easier time compared to other eladrin ambassadors Duke Windell has chosen.

Personality Characteristics


According to his goals in office, Arthur intends to bring the Feydom and Calvora closer together. He and his brother, after all, are born from Faene and Calvoran bloodlines. This concoction of mixed backgrounds is the necessity to bring these awkward powers together.

Personality Quirks

Rumors from Springwood Palace guests have noticed that Arthur talks to himself in his room at times, the unusual bit, is if it is to someone...

Are you there? I cannot sense your presence anymore!

Why are you gone again? I need you at this moment in time!

— Examples of Count Dwindle’s reported conversations

Dwindle has addressed these rumors, actually. He claims that these conversations are him praying to be among Haven’s sacred spirits.


Contacts & Relations

Calvoran Friends

  • Norman Bannister, House of Colonies Emissary
  • Carlotta Martovani, Triumvirate Emissary

Doctrine Society Connections?

Alkreeus, a vren Doctrine Magistrate, is known to have ties with Arthur Dwindle. The two of them often coordinate to keep evils, and and those who wield or summon such evils, from tearing the continent.

Family Ties

He is related to Oliver Dwindle, who is a magic item seller.


Arthur Dwindle

Twin Brother

Towards Oliver Dwindle


Oliver Dwindle

Twin Brother

Towards Arthur Dwindle


Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Count of Graylen
Year of Birth
1658 Me 62 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born to Perry and Caelynn Dwindle
Graylen, Regalia
Oliver Dwindle (Twin Brother)
Current Residence
Soft brown
Parted brown hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fairly white skin
131 lbs.
Quotes & Catchphrases
Trust is the necessity to build a bridge of a stronger bond. For some cretins, they burn it so others will not cross it.
— Arthur Dwindle
To believe Regalia will be backed by the faraway powers of the Coalition constantly are the naive daydreams of the Feydom’s old guard. Regalia’s enemies are far more domestic than we are led to believe. We must accept the future and align ourselves with the powers of either the Kingdom of Trinidad or the Triumvirate.
— Arthur Dwindle addressing the Regalian Elders in the Springwood Palace.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages

Arthur Dwindle speaks Common, Elvish, Sylvan, and Trinian.

Ruled Locations

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