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Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Abbie, Abigail, Abilene, Addison, Adelaide, Agatha, Agnes, Alexa, Alexia, Alice, Alisha, Allie, Amanda, Amberly, Amelia, Beatrice, Belinda, Berenice, Bess, Bethany, Beverley, Bridget, Candice, Carmen, Cassidy, Catherine, Caroline, Cecilia, Charlotte, Clara, Deborah, Deloris, Denice, Diane, Donelle, Dorthy, Elaine, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Emerson, Emily, Esther, Ethel, Evelynn, Ginny, Helena, Isabelle, Jane, Joan, Judith, Julia, Justine, Kelsey, Kendra, Kimberly, Lauren, Lilian, Lily, Lydia, Margaret, Margery, Marianne, Martha, Matilda, Phoebe, Ruth, Rylie, Sadie, Scarlet, Selena, Serena, Stephany, Susanna, Victoria, Wendy, Winnifred

Masculine names

Adam, Adelarde, Aldous, Anselm, Arnold, Bernard, Bertram, Charles, Clerebold, Conrad, Cornelius, Cuthbert, Diggory, Drogo, Edmond, Ernest, Everard, Geoffrey, Gerald, Gilbert, Giles, Godfrey, Guy, Henry, Heward, Horatio, Hubert, Hugh, Humphrey, Jocelyn, John, Jonas, Lance, Laurence, Manfred, Marmaduke, Miles, Nicholas, Norman, Odo, Perceval, Peter, Ralf, Randal, Raymond, Reynard, Richard, Robert, Roger, Roland, Simon, Solomon, Theodore, Thomas, Timm, Timothy, William, as some examples

Unisex names

Darcy, Shelby, Shelley, Whitney

Family names

Abbey, Abbott, Adamson, Adkins, Akers, Albinson, Allan, Anderson, Baldwin, Banister, Bardsley, Barker, Barlow, Bartram, Baxter, Bentick, Beasley, Beckett, Beckham, Bell, Bellamy, Belmont, Benton, Beverley, Blackbourne, Bonney, Braddock, Bradley, Brassington, Broadbent, Bronson, Burrell, Butler, Caldwell, Carlyle, Carter, Chadwick, Chester, Clarkson, Clayton, Clement, Clifford, Corwin, Dean, Deering, Delaney, Dorner, Dorsey, Eccleston, Edison, Elwin, Endicott, Fletcher, Fulton, Garner, Gibson, Hackett, Hampson, Harding, Harlow, Harrison, Patterson, Pearson, Pemberton, Randell, Rennold, Robertson, Sadler, Samson, Sanford, Saunders, Sawyer, Sherman, Simonson, Spurling, Stephenson, Stoddard, Sudworth, Thornton, Underwood, Varley, Walterson, Waterman, Watson, Weaver, Webster, Wembley, Westbrook, Whitaker, Wilkerson, Woodrow


Culture and cultural heritage

Glory of Kings

A fair amount of Trinian legends involve kings. Many of their stories involve the great deeds of what their just rulers brought about. Removing a curse from an evil wizard, conquering lands of what is known as Trinidad today, and more. Usually in these legends, their advisors and nobles under him constantly dragged him down or were heavy weight. Sometimes, even the King or Queen’s enemies turned the nobles against them!

These stories are believed to be the origin of their loyalty to the crown.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When the sad occasion of death comes to a simple civilian, it is full of sorrow and remorse. When someone from the House of Lords passes away, it's an outright celebration.


Courtship Ideals

Trinians believe that marriage, at its heart, is a beautiful thing. It’s the union between two lovers in Gregorian matrimony. Among men, it’s a beautiful occasion in the first month but then it devolves into their buddy being a pet to his wife at times. With women, they’re filled with joy about the whole event. They believe it’s a beautiful event full of potential and splendor. Once the event is over, they continue to gossip about their love life, teasing each other with what splendors their husband has done for them.

Relationship Ideals

To make a friend from a Trinian is easy. Banter and creative insults are great ways to introduce yourself with the commoners.

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