City of Herrington


Race Percentage (1d100)
Human 40% (1-40)
Dwarrin 25% (41-65)
Altallen 15% (66-80)
Triton 10% (81-90)
Nivallen 5% (91-95)
Other 5% (95-100)


Governess Clemency

Notoria Clemency acts as appointed governess of the city. Chosen by his majesty, Berret Cavalorne IV, her duty is to oversee the wellbeing of the city while the King is away.


Plumed Guard

The most renowned and seasoned army veterans of Trinidad, most of which gain their experience from the Colonial War. These fusiliers wear purple uniforms and a shako with a signature purple plume as well. Their presence within the city are mainly to act as guards for the ruler in the King’s Quarter.


King’s Quarter

This region of the city is dedicated to the king or queen of Trinidad. Its title does alter between the Queen’s or King’s Quarter depending on if a lord or lady sits on the throne. Regardless, it is where the ruler resides along with any close friends and family of theirs. Special privilege is needed to gain access here unless one wants the Plumed Guard to haul you back out.

Lion’s District

About half of the House of Lord’s members reside here. The stores and services here are decadent beyond reason. Shopping among these parts of the city requires a fat pocket of florens should one hope to acquire even just a few items. You can find many eccentric materials such as blankets of velvet, colorful patterns of clothing, and various other unneeded luxuries. Manors are a frequent site here as their elegance and stature are more for the show of wealth.

Upper Commons

The streets are modest at best and as clean as they need to be. More respectable commoners live here. Usually, the ones who value hard work and tend to push back against any rules set by a nonce, such as a Lord. Usually the mundane essentials can be found here such as furniture craftsmen and bakers.

Lower Commons

The crumbier parts of the city namely found on the outskirts of it all. Usually mills and agriculture work that pay poorly are found along here. Shadier figures tend to prowl these parts of the streets whether for thieving or other criminal acts.

Guilds and Factions

Glenbrook Trading Company

The Glenbrook Trading Company has its base of operations here. They are often the ones who bring over exotic materials from the Islands of Oceania, Prageria, and Thracallia. Any aspiring merchant will want to seek out Lord Glenbrook to have their materials shipped oversees to customers. At that same notion, new merchants better beware the competition that they will face when trying to surpass the G.T.C.

Points of interest

King’s Goblet Inn

You will never see any member or affiliate of the House of Lords enter this place. That is precisely how Heward Gorge likes it. The patrons are frequently commoners and workers either before their work shift, during their break period, or after their toiling is done for the day. The place is known to be quite rowdy.

Parliament Hall

This hall is where members of the Houses of Colonies, Commons, and Lords come together to squabble about laws and other necessities needed within the kingdom. Some come to spectate the verbal smackdowns and shakings that go on in there, as it is the rare occasion that commoners get to berate directly to the lords.

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