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Geographic Origin and Distribution

In Faunerro. Within the Kingdom of Ardentry, there is the Province of Dulnmoor where the Revered cael Ornsen has blessed it for humans.

In Florenelle. Humans can be found in various places. Their most prominent numbers being found in Calvora, Prageria, and Yanping.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Humans base their naming traditions off of their culture of origin usually.

Florenelle Origin Naming Culture
Northern Calvora British
Islands and Midwest of Calvora German
Southern Calvora French, Italian, or Spanish
Eisigfeld German
Northern Prageria Indian
Southern Prageria Arabic
Yanping Chinese, Japanese, or Korean


In Florenelle

Before the Necromantic War

It’s unclear where or even how humans became widespread across Florenelle, even without the Empire of Coatala displacing them. Though, the Coatalans are credited for gathering them up into localized areas. The only exception of this is that on the Continent of Calvora, the Empire of Coatala never reached there due to the far proximity. For those in the regions of Oceania, Prageria, and Yanping, life was mundane and quiet until the yuan-ti flipped everything over. Those on the Continent of Calvora, the only thing to worry about was themselves.

During the Necromantic War

While the Empire of Coatala may have kept chains on their conquered subjects, the snake overlords did not see the plotting that took place among their slaves. It would be around the end of the Drakmir Campaign, about 21 B.R.E. that revolts finally broke down Coatala after Salazar Kiver exposed he had manipulated the Speaker, thus confounding everything they had believed. The humans and their fellow slaves took the advantage of their outrage and confusion.

The Calvorans were busy warring with each other about necromancy. The good news is mainly how tame their fighting was compared to the mind-mangling warfare the Arkonian Order and their Coalition enemies inflicted on the other.

Age of Restoration

In the former enslaved territories, they formed their own flourishing cultures from the ashes of the empire that had stomped on them. Humans and their fellow slaves rejoiced to their newfound freedoms and what legacy was to come. These newly formed factions often find other former Coatalan slaves to befriend.

For the Calvorans, they returned to a life of heroic bloodlines becoming the rulers over their kingdoms. Though, it’s around the late reign of Roi Arton that new line of thinking in Valencia formed. No longer would this be the case. There, they spread the new notion of merit and capability to rule that lead nations. Such a newfound thinking threatens legacies of heroes already on thrones and disgracing what sacrifices they made for their people.

Genetic Descendants
Arturias, Duovia, Faunerro, Florenelle
75 Years
Average Height
4'8" - 6'8"

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