Salazar Kiver

The Inquisitor Dreadlord

Dreadlord Salazar Kiver (a.k.a. The Inquisitor)

Divine Domains

For Clerics:

Arcana, Trickery

Holy Books & Codes

Tesk Arkinith Vordt, Book of Kiver

For his entry into Tesk Arkinith Vordt (The King’s Word translated from Abyssal), Salazar wrote the Book of Kiver. His section is full of paradoxical commandments to Arkonian followers. “Be altruistic while being selfish,” “Be the one who heals and the one who harms,”. It is confusing at first but by the end, he explains it’s to avoid being trapped into blind zealotry. Throughout the book, he mentions that the Order is to represent life and death if the Order is to pursue the path of immortality.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A snake's curled tongue

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Salazar Kiver has a signature sickening gray skin tone. Viper fangs are easy to spot when his lips are resting and are only made more obvious when his mouth twitches. A signature crest folds outward from his skull. Red snake eyes glare inquisitively at those around him, always studying and calculating.

Physical quirks

Those who meet Kiver quickly note his dominating posture. His eerie gaze pierces into that of his listener. His fingers fidget around the grip of his signature cane.

Special abilities

As a manipulator, illusions are one of his favorite tools. Spells that attack or trick the mind are commonly used.

Apparel & Accessories

Salazar Kiver is quickly noted by his crimson robes. A red tie also folds neatly around his neck.

Specialized Equipment

A cane sword acts as his arcane focus when sheathed. The weapon would become a popularized tool among spies and nobility.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A Deceptive Tongue

None are even sure why Kiver is motivated to work with the Arkonian Order in the first place. Tesk Arkinith Vordt only insists that he believes that necromancy is what will restore what was taken from him. What is known is that his behavior is unorthodox of typical yuan-ti outlook: he doesn’t worship the snake-like deities, he loathes his own kind, doesn’t even have a yuan-ti name, and finds emotions a fun and tempting game to play with.

The Briefest of History

Tesk Arkinith Vordt insists that Kiver had his beginnings as an inquisitor for the Order. He would go around and purge anyone who so much as protested Arkengrath. By uncovering a plot that would hinder the gnoll supply chain during the Elvarid campaign, he was promoted to become a Dreadlord dedicated to purging the disloyal and sabotaging the enemy.

The Sudden Dreadlord

During the Undarid Campaign, Arkengrath enlisted Kiver into his ranks after stirring the Sadarren into rebelling against their drow overlords. If such success could be brought against Undarid, Arkengrath was even more eager to test Kiver’s abilities into having other nations submitting to his will.

With such a request, Kiver eagerly tested his key knack for deception and discovering secrets during a visit in Slithane, the capital of the Coatalan Empire. This Dreadlord would tie the tongue of the emperor himself and keep the yuan-ti loyal until Kiver lost his web of lies. When the Coatalans eventually caught on, the shock that some outsider could manipulate their most influential leader horrified them. This shattered their rhetoric of Yuan-ti supremacy, spiraling the Empire into madness and collapsing in a matter of a few years.

Many people wonder where he escaped, though outlandish conspiracies would have one think he manipulates their local kingdom.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Freed the sadarren from the Drow.
  • Promoted to the title of Dreadlord.
  • Deceived the Coatalan Emperor into loyalty with the Arkonian Order

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Kiver lost his grip of the Coatalan Emperor, forcing him into hiding.

Intellectual Characteristics

Being direct is something this yuan-ti detests. He loves being cryptic and vague to bend meaning and intent to suit whatever agenda he intends. Is he a man of his word? Only when he is dragged out from the protection semantics can give him.

Personality Characteristics


What truly motivates Salazar Kiver is unclear. Scholars of the Arkonian Order theorize he hates the philosophy of black and white mindsets. So he seeks out and exposes the darkness within the good and sometimes bring redemption to the evil. Though, this would be twisted in his own cynical views.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Being renowned as a manipulator for the Arkonian Order comes at a price. He lavishes in keeping the grander parts of his schemes discreet while underlings act on the littler bits. Trusting in Kiver isn’t easy and it makes all of this tricky should one start wondering if helping or hindering him is what he wants in the first place.

Divine Classification
Lawful Evil
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Dreadlord of the Arkonian Order
Black and inquisitive eyes
Instead of hair, he has a signature crest that curves back like a reverse hood.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Shadowy pale complexion
154 lbs.
Quotes & Catchphrases

When I am through with you, your sense of reality will be so profoundly warped that your humanity will become extinct. Only a festering mongrel will remain, gnawing at their leg.

— Salazar Kiver threatening a rival
Aligned Organization
Founded Settlements
Ruled Locations

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