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Dark Elf

The Grim Elves of the Florenic Worlds

Setting Other Name Meaning
Faunerro Inferiin Infernal Kin
Florenelle Drow No Meaning

Basic Information


Dark elves have a humanoid shape standing on average around 5 feet and 10 inches. Their hair is often pale white or bright shades of blonde. In rare instances, their hair is black. Eyes tend to have pigments of purples, dark blues, or dark reds.


Unfortunately, they are not referred to as dark elves lightly for a reason. Often it is the case that a harsh environment or cruel benefactors have tainted the hearts of the dark elves. Of course, nothing is ever set in stone with people and they can always rise up to champion noble causes. Those people, however, tend to be fewer than their peers.

The inferiin, or "Infernal kin" in Elvish within the Faunerro setting, are known as cold manipulators who use people solely as pawns to achieve power for themselves. Households in the Western Wastes vie for power to be in the Betrayed's favor.

The dark elves of Florenelle were turned bitter by their hostile environment, often valuing strength and ability over any niceties. Old scars from the Necromantic War means a bitter hatred for the Sadarren, their former slaves that revolted long ago.

Additional Information

Social Structure

In Faunerro

Inferiins are based around households, the matriarch or patriarch that takes charge. Beneath the figurehead are their handful of guards, agents, and advisors that help them ensure a strong grip of power against any other opposition. Those who wish to be part of a household have their surnames altered to the same as the one they're joining as a show of loyalty and allegiance.

Matriarch/Patriarch. The head of the household. They have final decision on what is to be done.

Sire. Sire are just below the Matriarch and are treated quite royally. They often have access to personal guards, servants, and privileges.

Handmaiden/Steward. Handmaidens and stewards are either beloved servants given a few additional privileges, are agents who act on requests such as spy work, or elite soldiers within the household.

Servitor. Servitors either, as the name suggests, work as attendants within the main household building and cleaning or act as a little more competent soldiers for the matriarch.

Indentured Servant. To an outsider, this obviously looks like slave labor with just a few padded aspects like comfortable sleeping quarters. Often these "servants" are trying to pay off a debt to the household but wind up tricked into paying it off by servitude. Typically if a "servant" shows potential could there be a slight chance for a sire or matriarch to clear the debt and incorporate them to the household as a servitor.

In Florenelle

Drow societies are known to admire power. It's what kept them alive in the gloomy darkness of the Underdark. Their communities are often based on a proven leader with a lot of authoritative control. Of course, this massive trust of power can be abused but that doesn't mean revolts aren't common. It's not a secret that drow get jealous of their leaders after seeing what this power can bring.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

In Faunerro

The inferiin are the dark elves of Faunerro. They can be found within with the Western Wastes, if not disguised spies throughout the Kingdom of Ardentry.

In Florenelle

Dark elves, sometimes referred simply as drow, are most commonly seen in Undarid. A few communities can be found within the Night City of Mondomiri, though that's mostly full of lunadrin.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Because of their heritage with Elvarie, dark elves have heightened senses. For some within the Florenic Worlds, they even see further within the dark but sunlight will cause a great deal of discomfort, as seen among the Feydom's dark elves.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

In Faunerro

Inferiin typically speak Undercommon as a base languaged shared among other corrupted races. Infernal would imply learning about, or dealing with, vicians. Elvish is shared amongst the inferiin as they reluctantly once were aetheriin and is vital to infiltrating their old home.

In Florenelle

Undercommon is spoken amongst the drow. They developed this language as a result of being underground for so long. Some will learn Elvish or Sylvan as a means of interacting with their "cousins" as elves of other origins put it.

Player Character Stats

Inferiin Stat Block

Florenic Worlds


Referred to as "Infernal Kin" when translated from Elvish, these elves have a heritage of working alongside cruel fiends.
ability score increase: When determining your character’s ability scores, increase one score by 2 and increase a different score by 1, or increase three different scores by 1.
age: Inferiin typically live up to 750 years.
Size: Medium
speed: Your walking speed is 30 feet.
Languages: Your character can speak, read, and write Common and one other language, typically Undercommon
race features:

Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light and in darkness as if it were dim light. You discern colors in that darkness only as shades of gray.

Fey Ancestry. You have advantage on saving throws you make to avoid or end the charmed condition on yourself.

Keen Senses. You have proficiency in the Perception skill.

Inferiin Magic. You know the produce flame cantrip. Starting at 3rd level, you can cast the hellish rebuke spell with this trait, without requiring a material component. Starting at 5th level, you can also cast the suggestion spell with this trait, without requiring a material component. Once you cast hellish rebuke or suggestion with this trait, you can’t cast that spell with it again until you finish a long rest. You can also cast either of those spells using any spell slots you have of the appropriate level.

Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells when you cast them with this trait (choose when you select this race).

Inferiin Weapon Training. You have proficiency with rapiers, shortswords, heavy crossbows, and hand crossbows.

Trance. You don’t need to sleep, and magic can’t put you to sleep. You can finish a long rest in 4 hours if you spend those hours in a trancelike meditation, during which you retain consciousness.

Whenever you finish this trance, you can gain two proficiencies that you don’t have, each one with a weapon or a tool of your choice selected from the Player’s Handbook. You mystically acquire these proficiencies by drawing them from shared elven memory, and you retain them until you finish your next long rest.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
825 years
Average Height
Average Weight
130 lbs.
Geographic Distribution
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