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The Other Half of the Feydom

Be careful not to get lost trying to explore this place or fall down somewhere. Last thing you want to fall down is below the final layer. That is where people hardly return. Otherwise, enjoy your stay here for the time being.

As a precaution, do not upset the Obsidian Guard. They will break your jaw for just laughing at them as they pass by you.

— Vespular


Layer Ruler City
Surface Lunrath Mondomiri
Upper Vespular Malensting
Middle Luridiir Scoviah
Bottom Lorichna Archaeoth

Undarid’s main lower layers are places full of vast caverns and expanses. Many miners can easily determine that this place did not naturally form at all. Much of it was hollowed out. Darkness is a common trend here but there are plenty of illuminated fungus on the upper layer.

There are four distinct sources of water that flows throughout the area. The one on the surface is the main source as it flows from the nearby mountains, goes by the City of Mondomiri, and finally drains into the caverns below. The rest of the three sources mainly come from water that has dribbled underground and funneled into specific areas that flows from there.


Undarid is divided into five main layers for its ecosystem that are stacked on each other.

Surface Layer

This area is Elvarid’s gateway into Undarid. Many nocturnal animals roam here endlessly in the land of eternal night.

Upper Layer

The upper layer, when translated from Undercommon, is liveliest place here. It is full of glowing fungus and vast swathes of organic matter. Wasps and other large hornet-like beasts roam around these parts as the dominant predator. It’s a result of Master Vespular’s influence over the land.

Middle Layer

The fungal lights aren’t as frequent yet they all glow a green hue. The air is drier here. Scorpions dominate these parts because of Master Luridiir’s influence.

Lower Layer

Fungal lights are more sporadic throughout this layer but their lights glow between the shades of light gray and purple. Spiders and webbing are a frequent site because of Lorichna’s influence.

The Depths

A vast and unexplored area that is void of light. Many drow avoid this place as it’s where many horrific creatures can be found.

Ecosystem Cycles

Depending on the daylight out in the pockets where Undarid leaks into Florenelle, the fungus will actually shift their coloring. As the upper layer’s coloring changes, it takes an hour for the middle layer’s fungus to shift and finally another hour for the lowest layer to shift to a darker hue in coloring.


The Collapse

Before the Necromantic War, the eladrin in Elvarid had a massive mining operation at one point that dug deep into the earth. The size of this settlement was pretty respectable for a growing town but could barely rival the likes of Aud’Mundon or Falderin. Life was full of work until a massive cave in occurred.

Historians aren’t sure what forced was powerful enough to cause a massive amount of rocks to collapse but it was enough to securely cut off the mining town from their homeland. The eladrin then decided to mine out what they could and find their way back. Though, such efforts would take years to pull off which is why another part of the population decided to get more acquainted with their new permanent home. Thus, the drow would evolve.

Formation of Undarid

The newly evolved drow decided to expand out their mining operations and carved many tunnels and excavated vast caverns for their major settlements. Because of the planar influences of Elvarid and Florenelle, life is frequent on the main three layers that were excavated.

To this day, Undarid is still settled by the drow and other dark-loving inhabitants such as myconids. It can be used as a gateway between Elvarid and Florenelle because of its strange planar ties that the Doctrine Society and Arcane League are still trying to look into.

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The Underdark
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