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Creating Arcanist Characters

Purpose for Studying?

There are many reasons to delve into the arcane arts and what mysterious surround us. Perhaps you’re hoping to learn the arcane arts so that the world can be improved or defended by what you have been taught.


Some students and faculty within the League believe there are many restrictions within the League to where it can be borderline tedious! Perhaps you believe all of these rules help keep you safe and things orderly. Maybe all of these rules bog you down from reaching your potential.

This overprotection even means that learning about necromancy and other dark arts is sparsely taught. Professors fear that teaching such content can encourage students to go further and become twisted by it! Other teachers believe that it is vital to learn how to identify and defend yourself from them.

Favorite or Hated Arcanists

Many students (and teachers) have their favorite teachers and hated scholars they teach or learn from. Perhaps there is a teacher you had that has inspired you to do great things. Unfortunately, there are those teachers who belittle their pupils, making them feel like incompetent sods doomed for failure each and every day.

Consider what bond you have with a fellow Arcanist, whether it being a student or teacher. Perhaps even the lowly custodian became an unexpected friend.

Schools around Florenelle

Here are some schools and which association they belong to.

University Name Association
Korthulnon Dominion of Argatok
Ploverton Kingdom of Trinidad
Stravingrad Tsardom of Zharitov
Villeneuve Empire of Valencia



Vrexen's Consulate manages the affairs and standards to be in place of the League. These principles then descend into the headmasters' hands and into the professors. Finally, students receive these principles in hopes of keeping arcane study safe.


At every university, each department of magic and study decides the best representative and example for their college. The headmaster watches over their university's wellbeing and ensures students are receiving the best and safest education possible.


Deans are the heads of their department, selected by their colleagues every two years. They are responsible for influencing other professors in their lesson designs to incorporate what they believe matters most.


The backbone of the League. They are the instructors and educators that are carefully selected by the headmaster or representative of the department they are entering into.


Prefects are considered the "teacher's pet" to their classmates. Their role is often given by their professors for their merit. A student that becomes a prefect acquires the privileges of monitoring and helping their peers with their studies. If a student is found disobeying their prefect, the professor that assigned the prefect can decide if the student can be punished.


These are aspiring wizards hoping to learn about magic usage. Their duty in the League is to study under their professors.


There are plenty of stereotypes within the League involving what subjects certain Arcanists study. Here are some examples.

  • Abjurers: Many believe abjurers to be overprotective. They make great friends as they are loyal and are known to stand up to bullies.
  • Conjurers: Conjurers are known as loners within the school. They teleport themselves frequently within the school when they hope to get out of a fickle encounter. They even summon pets at their side to cope with these matters.
  • Diviners: Paranoia and mysticism are within diviners. They often claim to be high and mighty about what visions they have seen, often it being a weird dream they had last night.
  • Enchanters: It’s a joke only ugly Arcanists use enchantment as a crutch for their appearance. Otherwise, they are often easy-going fellows to be with but also are known to cause the most drama.
  • Evokers: The loud and bombastic Arcanists. Many compare them to jocks as they enjoy dueling each other out in the courtyard of their university. They’re often the reason why it’s mandatory for professors to learn abjuration magic.
  • Illusionists: The overly theatrical types. The performances they put on can be astounding at their plays. Though, it is known for bullies to abuse this school of magic the most.
  • Mythics: Students of the school of Mythos. They can seem like crazed conspiracy theorists the deeper they talk about certain religions and deities that influence Florenelle.
  • Transmutators: Because of their ability to shape the physical aspect compared to illusion, they are known to be difficult to please since everything around them changes.

Public Agenda

The Arcane League vows to teach magic in a safe and coordinated way with its students and staff. Though the schools were founded by the Consulate, their education stems above just those fields of magic. The League hopes to teach about the various fundamentals of arcana and what effects it can possibly do.


The point of the League is to allow the safe exploration of each school of magic as well as the fundamentals of magic in general. Rules are strict to maintain the safety of both students and faculty. These rules are also to promote the productive and responsible study of magic into a student's daily life. There are more departments available to be studied other than the common classes, such as alchemy, mythos, and zoology.


Alchemy is a study of affecting the world through potions and other mixtures of combined ingredients.


Mythos is the study of religions and other occultic practices. Students are taught how to interact and defend themselves from any supernatural force.


Zoology is the study of animals. Students are taught how to properly handle animals through magic. Another aspect is the study of exotic animals, especially those with supernatural abilities.


Magic can be inherently dangerous. It can also be inherently good. It's all about the method of how one uses it. Here are the rules to follow when pursuing one's research:
  • Be responsible in your spellcasting.
  • Consent is required to test magic on a living subject.
  • Abjurists must avoid trap-based spells else unintended harm is caused.
  • Conjurers must restrict their creations to be inanimate to avoid rampaging elementals.
  • Diviners caught spying on a person's privacy will result in punishment.
  • Enchanter students must be overseen with a professor at all times to avoid misuse.
  • Evokers must practice their magic in a designated area of safety or on trained abjurists when using impactful spells.
  • Illusionists must use their magic for entertainment than deception and will result in punishment.
  • The study of Necromancy must be overseen by a Vrexen official and with their permission.
  • Transmuters must refrain from turning mundane objects into wealth to avoid scamming merchants.

Education for a better tomorrow.
— The greeting found on all university plaques.

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