Empire of Valencia

The Backbone of the Triumvirate

“What glory is there if you have no king? Is your emperor not the same?” Asked Mr. Pitt.

Berthier sneered at the thought, “Our Emperor is not bound to an everlasting dynasty chosen from long dead heroes. He represents that we decide our own fate!”



The Empereur is the highest authority on the throne. He or she has the final say on matters of what happens in the Empire and Triumvirate Alliance.


The Premier is better to be considered as the Empereur’s messenger. They are personally chosen by the Emperor from the Conseil. They have the same duties as a Consul but have the added responsibility of touring Valencia’s territories where the Emperor is not. This is to allow orders and messages to spread quicker.


The Conceil undertakes the task of managing laws. They are picked and assembled from cities and major towns within the continent of Calvora and what few representatives there are from the colonies. They can be easily vetoed by the Empereur.

Public Agenda

Divine beings of Haven from long ago mentioned a prophecy that the Continent of Calvora would be united some day. To the Triumvirate Alliance, this divine decree became unwanted as the system of appointing heroes to the throne became stagnated by those appointed by them. So an enlightened age suggested that the citizenry could appoint their rulers instead. The Emperor is intended to be proof of this matter.

For the Valencians, their issue stems from what dignity heroes would often strip Valencia of. They are not experienced politicians or clever military tacticians. So it was only natural for them to find an alternative means of leadership.


Therissic Period

Early in the Restoration Era, Karine Therissa is considered to have brought an early and small Valencia it’s golden age in culture and renown. She was appointed as reine over Caldogne for her and her companions valiant victory over a foul werewolf clan. Her death meant the end of those golden feudal days as her future lineage wasn’t as effective compared to her.

Artonic Period

When the time came, Lothan Artone came next to take the throne of Caldogne. This period would put the fear of feudal pitfalls into the hearts of the citizens. Typically the companions of retired adventurers seek out their own paths or live quiet lives afterwards. This would be contrary, as Roi Artone put his incompetent friends into positions they were not prepared for.

Bastiognic Period

Artone had turned the Valencian people as imbeciles and fools. Outraged, they held a revolution and threw the Roi out of the Bleuchene Palais. Bastiogne led the mob to victory. He proved to the other Calvoran monarchs that they are not untouchable heroes, especially as Madria and Venezia followed the same path.



On the southern parts of Calvora is the core of where Valencia's operations are directed. In the City of Caldogne, civilians work in their factories barely influenced by the Colonial War. These parts of the Triumvirate are considered the backbone.


A few cities pocket along the eastern coast of Thracallia. Unfortunately, so do the Trinians. Skirmishes are common but must be orchestrated carefully. Getting on a neutral party's bad side would only disrupt and rupture operations.


In this region, the Valencian navy contests against Trinidad's for aiding their colonies. Supremacy in te waters greatly determines who wins in amphibious assaults.


East of Thracallia is a newly explored continent. Valencia has colonized on a small island only a few miles off the mainland, known as Isle de Maurice.


An Artificial Army

Valencia, like the other Triumvirate members, mass produces blethers to serve as the core of its military. The manpower to conduct a large-scale war against Trinidad would be perilous. That is why blethers would take the bullet while the civilians tend to the factories unharmed. Of course, civilians don't have to volunteer for the war. All they have to do to ensure this is by producing bleth (the mixture that makes blethers).

Foreign Relations

The Triumvirate

Valencia is lovingly known as the Triumvirate backbone. The reason for this is due to their higher production rates and advanced military doctrine, compared to their allies. Though, like a backbone, they can't juggle every aspect and need assistance. That is why Madria specializes in naval operations and Venezia hones in on their arcane expertize.

The Colonial War

Trinidad is the greatest threat to Valencia's wellbeing. It is believed among Valencians that the Royalists would rather see them broken and wasted than a fellow Calvoran sibling. Their talks of mutual agreements are merely exploits for them to be on top. The utter rage that builds in the most patriotic Valencian when they hear of Trinians or their beloved King could light an entire battery of cannons.

Vive L’Empereur
— Triumvirate Battle Cry

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