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The Consulate

The Founders of the Schools of Magic


The Consulate leaders are heads of state over districts within Cyorrin, the home continent of the Vren. Thus, there would be eight districts to govern over. However, because there is no seat over necromancy, the Consulate uses that region as a middle ground for meetings and area to let nature run free.


Slow and Meticulous

The Consulate isn’t notorious for frequent new findings or developments. Peer reviews and second guessing is as common as the waters that surround Cyorrin. The good thing behind this methodical thinking is that any new policies allow for a smooth pace in change.

Taboo of Necromancy

Many old-fashioned mages within the Consulate know the macabre history of necromancy and the war fought to keep this new school intact. Because the fighting was roughly 1700 years ago, some members wonder if it’s worth teaching the school in a safe manner or if the risk of its abuse would be far too dangerous to keep in check.

Public Agenda

Because arcana plays heavily in Vrexic culture, the Consulate is not only responsible as leaders over the country but also as overseers for teaching the material. As a result, it is also why the Arcane League was founded.


Founders of the Schools, not of Magic

Ill-informed citizenry make the assumption that the Consulate discovered magic. That is entirely false, as magic has been around for all of known time. What the Consulate truly did was they noticed a common similarity between the likes of a pyromancer and cryomancer: They both wielded the same types of spells. The only difference was how hot or cold it was. Hence why a fire bolt or ray of frost is labeled under evocation and their protective spells are of abjuration.

The Necromancy Controversy

Because each Consul is a founder for the schools of magic, it is a common question to hear why no one represents necromancy in the Consulate and yet there's an empty seat. Each of the Consuls will explain that Nerivus, the founder of necromancy, believe his studies are cruel and selfishly exploits the flow of life. The reason his seat remains is that the Consuls recognize necromancy as a school of magic out of principle but refuse to encourage those to pursue it.

Our mysteries can be solved by the arcane

School Founder
Abjuration Maervah
Conjuration Spontane
Divination Claress
Enchantment Elleguess
Evocation Drithben
Illusion Hoak
Necromancy Nerivus
Transmutation Temeriod
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