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Vrexic Characters

Being in a Vrexic society can spur curiosity and wonder. Though, some can get carried away with their projects. Consider the following when creating a Vrexic character:

Arcane Heritage

Magic is a very influential aspect of Vrexic culture. How do you feel about magic and the arcane arts? Do you rely heavily on it, anxious if it was ever removed from you? Do you instead believe that society overhypes the potential of the arcane and that more mundane means are just as effective and less volatile?

Coalition Perspective

Vrexen is considered the leader of the Coalition alliance with the Dominion of Argatok and the Feydom Confederacy. Do you believe that this Precursor alliance is critical to keep Florenelle safe from Arkonia? Perhaps you instead think that Arkonia has been long defeated and this alliance is unnecessary, leading them into problems Vrexen could have avoided.

Isolation in Cyorrin

Getting in and out of Cyorrin is extremely difficult. Storms and old precursor traps still linger on the continent back from the Necromantic War. A lot of these precautions were to keep the island safe but such safety has become more like a major hindrance today. Consider how you left Cyorrin, such as sneaking into a portal in an Arcane League college. Perhaps you managed to sail on a ship with a specialized rune that protects the ship from the coastal storms.


The Consulate, made of up the founders of each school of magic, lead Vrexen. Because vren and their addiction to magic dominates the nation, it is believed that masters of arcane study are worthy to rule the nation.

Public Agenda

The Vrexic seek to revive the world and prevent the return of Arkengrath. It's no secret that they send agents to ensure that the Arkonian Order keeps their influence in check.


Arcane Renaissance

Beforehand, the vren were far more primitive with simple mud huts and basic wooden spears. It all changed swiftly when someone managed to not only summon fire but hold it in the palm of their hands with no harm done at all. This caused a spark of curiosity among the vren as they sought to explore and understand the mysteries of the arcane arts. The Arcane Renaissance began.

Vren bickered and argued over how to properly understand the ways of magic. What would inevitably be agreed upon are schools of magic to categorize the core purpose behind a spell whether its use is more for protection, trickery of the senses, or something else. These school founders then came together to form the Consulate. The last school to be founded, and the most controversial, became necromancy.

Necromantic War

The most devastating war known in Florenelle was the Necromantic War. It started when Nerivus founded necromancy and introduced his research to the Consulate. Shocked, they sought to purge all of it, knowing what vast cruelties could come from it if left in the wrong hands. The problem became that Nerivus had quite the backing, known as the Arkonian Order, when he fled his home country. So the war for necromancy’s existence began.

Vrexen was the last bastion against the horde of Arkonians. The Coalition, an alliance against the horrors of necromancy, had tricked Nerivus (now Arkengrath) into fighting alone. It was this moment that a suprise ambush caught him off guard as dragons, elves, vren, and more combined their might to ultimately defeat Arkengrath. The Arkonian horde became horrified that their leader had tasted his first, and ultimate, defeat. They all then fled in a great morale shock.

Restoration Era

Nobody won in the Necromantic War. All that remained for the vren is a continent riddled with traps. In their paranoia, they even setup a permament storm cloud that lingers just a few miles off the island’s coast. What would make recovery slower is that the Consulate believed it best to help rebuild other parts of Florenelle affected by the Necrowar to ensure other peoples are not at a detriment.

Within the current time, Vrexen has cleared out most of the mild and moderate arcane traps around its coast. What still is a burden are the more intricate and dangerous traps that require special attention, such as the storm cloud, but some people have mixed feelings if they want to keep them as a protective measure or to ultimately remove them for ease of movement around the continent.

For the magocracy in place, the commoners have been getting restless if a better means of governance could be instituted as seen within the Empire of Valencia with the enlightenment.

Demography and Population

Vrexen is nearly pure vren, as the great defensive cloud that wraps around the area keeps it quite isolated from the outside world. Any possible outsiders are considered the rarest sight just as a vren is in other foreign lands.



Cyorrin is a fairly sizable continent where the core of the Vrexic call home. The main problem is that the continent is surrounded by a vast, electric cloud known as the Storm Barrier. Of course, those who enter it risk death from electrocution. The Consulate developed this barrier as a defense against amphibious assaults on their precious homeland. Because of this isolation, it's heavily dominated by vren.


By Spell & Sword

Spells are a lethal tool for a vren to utilize and that's why a standard-issue private becomes trained to wield it. Swords are another signature aspect of their armament but it's meant for self-defense than aggressive use like any gladiator or duelist would use it for.


Faith in the Arcane

Worship of deities is a rare sight to behold. Much of vren society follow the Arcanus Philosophy, where the most simplistic concept is that a person must respect the people and environment around them before trying to tap into their magic potential. Disrupting the natural order is a dangerous path to take. Many vren follow this approach simply because there is no instilling faith in a person to guide them. It promotes the idea that the individual must make their path with their fellow man and the environment or they will fall.

Foreign Relations

The Old Alliance

If it weren't for the old allies of the Necromantic War, such as the Feydom or Argatok, much of what is known of the world would be erased. The old alliance would merely be the equivalent of three acquaintances who shared a common threat to their way of life.

In terms of the Faene and Argaton relations? The Vrexic are known to be nosy and skeptical in their interactions. The purpose of this is to hopefully weed out possible Arkonian corruption. The possibility of another Necrowar cannot happen again.

What to do with Arkonia

Ever since Arkengrath's defeat, the nation is split on what to do with the followers of the greatest threat to this world: Exile the Arkonians into the Shadowfell or allow them to freely roam the known worlds. The fear the Vrexic have about exiling Arkonians into the Shadowfell is that only more anger and hatred will flourish against the Coalition. Other Vrexic believe it's only a just punishment for their cruel and sadistic actions. Such behavior cannot be tolerated or even rewarded.

Trade & Transport

Despite Cyorrin being dominated by spellcasters, one would think teleportation of goods and services would be frequent. It is on a minor scale as some vren simply teleport about just to help shorten the path. The use of teleportation circles is widely regarded as unsafe due to how easy it is stray far away from the destination with just one wrong marking.


Arcane Apprenticeships

Because Vrexic culture is dependant on magic and its study, many children are tutored about it in their education as a bonus to the regular curriculum. If a vren skips out on learning magic, they're considered lacking in crucial skills.

We are of descendants who defeated the greatest conquerer. We bow to none!

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Head of State
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
The Vrexic use the krona as its official currency.
Legislative Body
The Consulate determines the laws and policies of the nation.
Judicial Body
Watchmen patrol around the areas, ensuring the safety of the settlements.
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

Florenic Discord

Old Vren

Ability Score Increase Your Intelligence score increases by 2, and one other ability score of your choice increases by 1.
Size Medium
Speed 30 ft.

Studious Precision You are proficient with one tool of your choice. Whenever you make an ability check with the chosen tool, roll a d4, and add the number rolled to the check’s total.
Teachings of the Vren. The lore and history of the vren are strong with stories of artifacts and spellcasting. You gain proficiency with the Arcana skill.
Unshaken Spirit. After years of seeing the horrors of the Necromantic War, the vren sanity can hold against the toughest morale shocks. You have advantage on saving throws against being frightened.
Vren Apprenticeship. You know one cantrip of your choice from the wizard spell list. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for it.

Languages. Common, Vrennic, and one other language of your choice


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